Tutorial: How to update your PS Vita from any lower Firmware to a specific one manually

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Tutorial: How to update your PS Vita from any lower Firmware to a specific one manually

Postby Thebigboss1206 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:41 am

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I'll explain how to update any Playstation Vita from a lower firmware to a specific one, without reaching in a forced way to the latest.
I'll explain better. If you are, for example, on a 3.30 OFW and you have the VHBL on it and you need to play a retail game that requires a 3.52 OFW (still hackable as you already know) but the latest firmware is the 3.60 OFW, by following these steps you can manually update to a specific middle-firmware instead of the latest one. Let's start then.

What you will need:
- qCMA program (used to tranfer data from PC/PSV in offline) Note: this is available for macOS http://codestation.nekmo.com/qcma/0.3.2/osx/qcma-osx-0.3.2.zip or Windows http://codestation.nekmo.com/qcma/0.3.2/windows/Qcma_setup_0.3.2.exe platform;

Update: If you are on lower FW like 3.36 you might want to try the old verison of Qcam.
https://mega.nz/#!5MRzWTBD!7i7nOOBybTi8 ... Nu3Iqz5nkE

- Dreamweaver program, or any other .XML file editor;
- The original Sony Firmware you need (just google for this file);

Let's begin:

1. Download the OFW you need and unzip the whole content to a folder you chose;

2. Install qCMA on your computer and connect the PSV to it. Open qCMA and go to "Settings", then you will find two tabs -> Folder and Other;


3. By scrolling under the Folder tab -> Updates/Web content, locate or browse your folder where the OFW you downloaded is kept;


4. Now go to http://de-ge.so/vita/xml/eu/psp2-updatelist.xml then copy and paste the whole code into your text editor (Dreamweaver in my case), and be sure to rename the file "psp2-updatelist.xml" without quotes;


5. Go to the bottom of the code you just pasted to your editor, where there is a string that says region id=”eu” (or "us" depending on which version code/firmware you are) and be sure to replace all the zeroes with the version number of the firmware you want to update. Keep in example this image below. In this case, the code was edited to 3.36 version:


Be careful every PSVita system has a specific region code meaning what region was your vita made for US, EU, or JP, and not your PSN account. Be sure to edit the only section relevant to your region.

6. After this, save your edited psp2-updatelist.xml and put it in the folder where you saved the OFW before;


7. Refresh your qCMA database by closing and re-opening the program, and then put your PSV in "Flight Mode" by holding the Home button (in order to prevent any accidental update to the latest FW);


8. On your Vita, go to "Settings -> update by connecting to a PC". At this point, your system should now detect the OFW you downloaded in qCMA instead of the latest in the Sony servers. So, proceed as usual;




And now it's done. Just don't forget to delete all the files from the PSV Update folder (in qCMA) or you could not be able to connect your system to qCMA for the future transfers. OK? :thumbup:

Download FW files: http://hackinformer.com/psvita-firmware-files/

How to update the PSTV FW via USB Drive

If you still can't get it to work you can try this in our youtube video below.

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Re: Tutorial: How to update your PS Vita from any lower Firmware to a specific one manually

Postby Freakler » Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:27 am

Nice! Here you can find all the different firmwares btw: http://darthsternie.bplaced.net/ ;)

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