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PS4 Emulators

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:59 pm
by hackinformer
The PS4 only has 2 emulators and they are just POC/betas, so they don't run the best but the PS4 can do PS2 games so you can use the PS2 SNES emulators on the PS4 which runs fine. If any more emulators are release or these are updated we will add them to the list and if you see any that we might have missed please let us know.


Sega Master System (4.55): ... lzic4q7iaC

NES (4.55): ... LTCfNJMyQL


PS2 SNES (4.05/4.55): ... hqGX3UXsLc

PS2 SNES With roms: ... qUP9xBUEPg