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[Release] Noober Td beta v0.5a

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 5:41 am
by lalalanno
[Release] Noober Td beta v0.5a.
(Test Version Only , Weekly Update).
#Android : Yes .
#IOS : No , You can request.
#PC : No , You can request.
Totally work time : 5 Day 20 hour.

#Videos ... 872024282/

The story about this game is : The undead try to attack our world and we need to build tower to protect our world.

#Report :
If you have any problem ( Like : slow graphic while playing or any other ) please report as fast as possible.
anyway this game it still in development.

Noober Td Beta v0.5a Download Link : ... D.apk?dl=1

if you like or love this game and you want to donate it :

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