WotLK Classic Classes: Warlocks vs Warriors

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WotLK Classic Classes: Warlocks vs Warriors

Post by jannick » Wed May 25, 2022 6:12 am

If you've decided to play Wrath of the Lich King, but the choice of professions and specializations is too big for you, then you've come to the right place! We have created a simple Wrath of the Lich King Classic World of Warcraft career choice guide to help you make the right decision and choose the right profession for PvE and PvP in WotLK Classic. Finally, we will go into some special features and unique selling points of the class.


Warlocks summon dark magic and dark curses to destroy their enemies. They are considered DPS casters and are known for their debuffs and the damage they deal over time.

- PvE: Top Dog dps specs in raid environment for Agony and Demonology. Destro is nice, but he's just a worse version of Wicked Magic or Anguish Warlock, but he does offer extra buffs if your team didn't already get them from a Rep Paladin or something similar. Both are good at single targets, and Demon Wallet's Aoe-Dps are definitely the stronger candidate for Aoe-Dps. You really are something behind a magician. Their DPS is significantly stronger in the execution phase, allowing them to top the rankings in longer fights. But warlocks are a proper pet profession now, and the game is all about keeping your pets out at all times.

- PvP: In PVP there is a new spell called Demonic Circle Teleport that allows you to put it on the ground if you can teleport back there. Agony will now always choose the unstable Agony, which is very powerful as it silences the healer when dispelled. Ghost Shadow" can now also be used to increase the target's overall point damage. Definitely not as tanky in pvp though, as we don't have soul link and siphon lives, and all specs except the prop red spec will be more deeply integrated into their trees , instead of real raffle chicken bastards.Pain purse is great in Magellan Druid's mld comp, shadowplay is a shadowpriest healer and shadowcleave is a divine clear healer.Interruption is also very good in arena but only in combos with a lot of control otherwise interrupt -Walker won't be able to escape with those Chaos Bolts. Melee combos for example will be hard to manage.Demonic Learning is worse than the other specs as it relies on morphing to deal a lot of damage , but without it, it's more of a pasta version of pain or destruction.


Warriors are melee fighters used as tanks or melee DPS. Their abilities depend on rage and recharge when they take or take damage.

- PvE: once we get a lot of thrashing and armor penetration they start injecting odul and then through icc they are one of the top dps maybe not the best dps if they end up getting shadow moon. but early in Phase 1 they'll excel in those cheeky red clay fights. As a tank, you are now considered the weakest tank in this sourcebook, but you can definitely take down content with no issues, just another tank to receive a major power spike in Wrath of the Lich King. You also no longer have to worry about aoe dps pulling hatred for dungeons as you just have better aoe skills and better aoe worries. You can also use weapons if you want to gain a strong bloodlust that will complement the heavy resolution of physical damage.

- PvP: In PVP the most important specialization is definitely Weapons, you have Deadly Strike which reduces the amount of target healing by 50% and Frenzy is really just a weapon concern with less stress and utility. They made a lot of necessary changes with the addition of anger, for starters we have a better dance stance as Tactical Mastery has been moved to the top of the anger tree instead of the protection tree. They can easily break defensive stance for naughty spell reflexes, and if you overwhelm your target while casting them, more healing reduction becomes a relentless attack talent. The next heal is Pants, which is also the Age of Blade Storm, which is perfect for splitting opposing arena teams and can destroy people on the battlefield if they work well with very high dps (like Founder Split).

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Re: WotLK Classic Classes: Warlocks vs Warriors

Post by otis » Thu Aug 11, 2022 1:50 am

Warlock vs warrior, the classic DPS vs tank debate. In a caster vs tank matchup, a warlock has among us an advantage in late game as he can use Unstable Affliction to drain the enemy of resources and greatly reduce his damage output. However while tanks still have the ability to mitigate damage with their armor and shield rating, warlocks also framed game have access to a number of crowd control abilities such as Polymorph and Entangling Roots that can be used to disrupt and stop enemy movement.
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Re: WotLK Classic Classes: Warlocks vs Warriors

Post by AimeeHoben » Thu Sep 22, 2022 5:57 am

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