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Hack your Xbox360 with a Toshiba/Samsung Drive

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:09 am
by hackinformer
Things you need :

An xbox360 with a Toshiba/Samsung Drive :
IPB Image
A Torx 10 screwdriver
Thin Tweezers (or similar)
A PC with SATA connectors - but NOT the Silicon Image Sil3112 SATA chipset, these will not work (ATM?)
A Hex editor - I used : http://www.hhdsoftwa...ditor-free.html
The Firmware package
Some plasters

Part 1 - Taking the box apart

There are guides to this all over the place, I used this one as it was the most accurate and easy : http://www.informit....a...26&seqNum=2

At stage 10 stop - DO NOT unscrew the black screws, leave them alone, they hold your heatsink on, all we need is access to the DVD drive

Part 2 - safety first

You will need a boot disk, so format a floppy disk ensuring the box that says "MS-DOS system disk" (or similar) is ticked, when this has formatted copy MTKFLASH.EXE and MTKFLASH.TYP from to this disk (if you have an nforce4 motherboard use the same files from the archive MTK-NF4.RAR)

Your xbox360 will need to be plugged in (but turned off) next to your PC
with it's DVD rom drive powered by the xbox, but connected to port 1 of the SATA on the PC

remove / disable all IDE channels except for the floppy disk and all SATA ports except port 1

make sure you have set the PC to boot from the floppy disk

turn on the PC, leave the 360 turned off for the time being, when you have a command prompt tuen the 360 on and type the following on the PC

mtkflash r backup.bin

press 1 to select SATA master

This will backup the original firmware to the disk - DO NOT LOSE OR MODIFY THIS IN ANY WAY, if you screw up you can easily restore the original firmware with this file and put the 360 back to factory

turn off the 360 and unplug the drive from the PC.

Plug the pc's drives back in / reenable all the applicable ide / sata channels and boot into windows

Part 3 - modifying the firmware

Each 360 DVD firmware has a unique key that marries your drive to your console, this HAS to match or the drive will not work, so we need to insert the key from your firmware into the modified firmware (which has no key).

Copy the backup.bin file from the floppy to your hard disk

Load the Hex editor then load backup.bin into it from your hard disk, the area containing your key is located at $4000-$4200 so press ctrl-G and type 4000 into the box, then click goto.

Using your mouse select everything from 4000-4200 (as pictured)

IPB Image

press ctrl-C

Load the file from the Xtreme_Package called xtreme.bin, press ctrl-G type 4000 into the box and click goto

Press ctrl-V this will copy your key from the backup firmware you created to the xtreme firmware ready for use on your drive

save the xtreme.bin file onto the floppy disk

Step 4 - The scary part

Connect up the 360 to the PC as before, unplug all the drives again, boot off the floppy disk and at the command prompt type

mtkflash w xtreme.bin

Press 1 to select master

The 360 should at this point be hacked

In order to test whether it has worked, put an original game in, it should play as normal, then put in an xbox copy if you have one, it won't work, the emulator will say that thi game is not playable (or simillar), but it will recognise it as a game smile.gif

If it did, put the 360 and the PC back together, put the plasters on your bleeding fingers and thumbs as needed

Hopefully not needed part - Troubleshooting

My drive won't boot anything! Originals say "insert in an xbox 360"

You've messed up with the key double check that you overwrote the are $4000-$4200 not inserted - the firmware should always be 256kb

My PC won't recognise the drive to flash it

Try another PC, or use a promise SATA PCI card, mktflash compatibility seems a little "flaky"

I've given this it's own thread as people still keep asking for a tutorial.