Xbox One Game Streaming

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Xbox One Game Streaming

Post by Naha09 » Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:40 am

Xbox One

For this method you'll need a few requirements
  1. A Windows PC running the latest Windows 10 Preview currently (Pro Insider Preview Build 10162)
  2. Xbox Windows App version (6.6.27004.00000)
  3. An Xbox One on the latest Xbox Preview Program update

Enabling Game Streaming on Xbox One: Xbox One preview program members will find a new option under Settings > Preferences > Allow game streaming to other devices (beta). This option will appear for consoles with an OS version of xb_rel_1507.150609 or later.

Connecting to Your Xbox One Console: Once you enable the Allow game streaming … option on your console, Connect your Windows 10 PC to Xbox One using the Xbox on Windows 10 app. Wired connections for your Xbox One and Windows 10 devices will provide the best quality and performance. If you are using wireless connectivity on your devices, please see for more information.

Game Streaming: First, attach a wired Xbox controller to your Windows 10 PC or tablet. Then, choose Connected > Stream from the Xbox on Windows 10 app to initiate a game streaming session. A notification will appear on your Xbox One that a game streaming session was started by a specific user. During game streaming, the Xbox One console will appear “in use” as though the person streaming was in the room.

Turn On/Off Your Xbox One from the Xbox app on Windows 10: This is another cool feature. If your Xbox One console is in “Instant-on” mode, you can use the Xbox on Windows 10 app to turn on your Xbox One and start a game streaming session.

"What your not in the Xbox Preview Program yet? Wanna be?"

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