Xbox One Is the Most Popular Console on Facebook

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Xbox One Is the Most Popular Console on Facebook

Post by hackinformer » Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:36 pm

In United States this map shows, Xbox One on the coasts, PlayStation 4 in the heartland.

PlayStation 4 sold 7 million units to date, putting it well ahead of Xbox One’s 3 million units, but for some reason Microsoft’s console is winning the popularity contest on Facebook.


Microsoft may not be selling great numbers in the USA, but they are winning the 'social network' war, by getting more 'Likes' on Facebook then their next-gen rival PlayStation 4.

According to a tally of "likes" among Facebook users in the United States conducted by the Movoto Real Estate Blog, the Xbox One is the most popular console in 22 states, compared to the PS4, which is the most popular console in 19 states. Nine states resulted in a tie, probably because of the way Facebook rounds-off audience estimates. The Wii U was in the running, but didn't earn more than half the "likes" of either Xbox One or PS4 in any state.

As you can see in the map above, Xbox One is more popular on the coasts and most populated states, while PS4 is more popular in the heartland. According to Movoto, Nevada also had the biggest fan base for both consoles, while Mississippi had the smallest fan base for both.

As you've probably already guessed, this doesn't actually mean a whole lot to either company, most of all because the Facebook data doesn't reflect actual sales figures. If anything, it might suggest that Xbox One fans are more active Facebook users, or that Microsoft has done more to promote it on that social network.

So what do you think is reasons that XB1 has more 'social' likes then the PS4 even tho the actual sales figures paint a different picture?

News-Source: Xbox One Is the More Popular Console on Facebook (via) Facebook
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