Problem with SD2Vita

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Problem with SD2Vita

Post by Jarrah White » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:16 am

OK, I finally broke down and got an SD2Vita adapter and a 512GB Samsung micro SD that I bought from JB Hi-Fi. I installed TF Card Plug-in tool and followed the steps discussed by Tech James for setting it up as uma0 and ux0.

When I set it up as uma0, nearly the entire card is empty. No surprises there. But when I follow the steps for setting it up as ux0, a substantial portion of the SD card is used up. Previously I used a 64GB Vita Memory card with 59.50GB used up. I backed up those files to my computer and copied them to the uma0 SD2Vita via VitaShell. In theory, since it is only a 512GB card and I'm only copying 59.5GB across, there should be over 400GB in free space. Instead, when the copying is complete, it tells me that 248.71GB has been used up. Leaving me with only 228GB of free space. What happened? How did I lose nearly half the SD card's free space? Even stranger, when I plug the same card into my PC only the amount of data I copied registered.

I figured, maybe the SD2Vita maxes out at around 256GB. So I purchased a 256GB Samsung from the exact same store and repeat the same steps as before. But nope, despite only copying 59.5GB of files I'm somehow left with 114GB of free space. What am I doing wrong?!

EDIT: Never mind, figured it out myself. It seems for SD cards >200GB, you need to select 64kilobytes as the allocation unit size, not default allocation size as done in the video. ... ution_fix/
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