2 Useful FFXIV Gil Making Guide

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2 Useful FFXIV Gil Making Guide

Post by jannick » Wed May 25, 2022 6:25 am

Everything (and we mean everything) you need to know to enrich it in FFXIV.

Until the release of the next big patch, you'll see pop-up videos and articles that will age badly. I'll tell you the dark secrets your Lalafell overlords don't want to know.

Welcome to Eorzean Economics 101, take a seat and get out your laptop. Today we are going to talk about how to make a sustainable profit. By offering content and getting lucky, or by using questionable business strategies on the market board. There's a lot to talk about, some of which we've already done in the way we created and saved Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. But a few refreshing themes couldn't hurt either. While this article was aimed more at making some profit, this article is about how to make a sustainable profit. Even more important is how you can sway the market in your favor. Just make sure you destroy the crafters and gatherers!

Morals and Ethics of the Market Committee
In an ideal society, everyone makes money together. In Final Fantasy XIV we all hold hands, sing songs and decorate our homes. But not me, everyone is a competitor.

It is not a preschool market day, it is a market committee. A fair market and ethical reward for your employees should not worry you. We are talking about pure, unadulterated capitalism here. So let the dark secret you'll learn warn you: An unregulated free market may sound good on paper...... but only one person can win this market. If I had a say, it would be me.

One of the most common complaints you hear about the Market Commission is the damn debilitating ones. The practice of placing items on the market board at a lower price than the current cheapest price in order to sell them faster. This is a valid complaint and you could lose millions of gil this way. That's up to you, because you want to get the most use out of the items you just dropped from the sky. But nothing is guaranteed. Personally, I'm all for undercutting other people's prices just to make my items sell faster. There are two reasons for this. First, you want to make sure someone else's net worth is flat. Why you might ask? Because in order for you to be rich, everyone else must be poor. But the second reason is also simple.

The value of market research
Now let's get to the heart of the matter. Before we can talk about how to place goods, we first need to determine what to place. The first thing that might come to mind is gear, and new raiders always use the handcrafted gear. As such, it's also a marketplace that's flooded with most servers. You can watch on patch day how quickly the price falls after a few hours as supply outstrips demand. This creates an endless series of debuffs as everyone tries to limit their losses. Sooner or later, the cost of materials may be more expensive than the devices produced.

What we're looking for instead is a stable market, and the current food and consumable raids are a good place to start. Crafting foods and tinctures isn't difficult, but getting the resources to do so can be a little tricky. So most raiders will probably not bother and buy FFXIV Gil from G4MMO instead. The time factor also plays a role here. So I suggest that you look around the market for one or more edibles within a week or two. Better yet, create a chart using your spreadsheet software of choice. Find out on which days the prices are the highest and the most sales are made. This will not be 100% accurate, but you can use last week's data to predict next week. With most attack teams on the schedule, you're ready to get involved now. On the Sales History tab, you can view past prices and quantities moved.
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Re: 2 Useful FFXIV Gil Making Guide

Post by decorrough » Tue Jun 28, 2022 8:08 am

One of the criticisms that is leveled most often at the Market Commission is that its regulations are infuriatingly restrictive. The act of posting products on the market board at a price that is lower than the price that is currently being offered for the item in order to sell them more quickly. This is a genuine complaint, and if you continue in this manner, you risk losing millions of gil. It is all up to you, since you obviously want to get the most use possible out of the things that have just fallen from the sky. However, there is no assurance of anything. When it comes to speeding up the sale of my products, I have no problem lowering my pricing below those of my competitors. This is true for two different reasons. First things first, you need to make sure that the net worth of someone else remains unchanged. Why is it, if I may ask? Because in order for there to be wealth for you, there must be poverty for everyone else. The second justification is simple as well. octodle
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