persona 5 strikers

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Re: persona 5 strikers

Post by pj1980 » Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:13 pm

Shadic wrote: Mon Mar 22, 2021 9:25 pm Can anyone help with the all skill card set I have tried both codes on this forum but neither works with my save file. I have the US version (CUSA19640) by the way and trying to use save slot 4 and 5.
Most codes are being made for slot 1 because all saves are combined in one file.

Here a link for a spreadsheet skiller made with a lot of IDs for striker (us/EU) ... p=drivesdk

if you want to add single items its
00YYYYYY 000000XX
Ys are id and Xs are quantity. you can add singles codes together as one code

Slot 4 skill cards (most)
422AAA76 0000000A
40FF0002 00000000
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Re: persona 5 strikers

Post by pj1980 » Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:24 pm

there a lot of work on offsets for both versions on gbatemp. The thing is the offsets are the same for switch save as PS4 saves. Make sure you understand scramble is Jap saves and striker is US/EU so you use the right offsets. ... it.584529/
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Re: persona 5 strikers

Post by Shadic » Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:48 pm

Thanks I finally got it to work I just had to choose slot 1 like you mentioned @pj1980. I have another question is it possible to edit party members skills if so how would you do it in quick mode? Or is it in advance mode.
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Re: persona 5 strikers

Post by pj1980 » Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:45 am

here quick codes for skills for slot 1 for striker also a list of skill ids that amuyea from gbatemp found ... edit#gid=0

Code: Select all

main character (equipped persona or arsene)
20108EAE 0000XXXX
20108EB0 0000XXXX
20108EB2 0000XXXX
20108EB4 0000XXXX
20108EB6 0000XXXX
20108EB8 0000XXXX
20108EBA 0000XXXX
20108EBC 0000XXXX

skull/captain kidd
20108F2E 0000XXXX
20108F30 0000XXXX
20108F32 0000XXXX
20108F34 0000XXXX
20108F36 0000XXXX
20108F38 0000XXXX
20108F3A 0000XXXX
20108F3C 0000XXXX

20108FAE 0000XXXX
20108FB0 0000XXXX
20108FB2 0000XXXX
20108FB2 0000XXXX
20108FB4 0000XXXX
20108FB6 0000XXXX
20108FB8 0000XXXX
20108FBA 0000XXXX
20108FBC 0000XXXX

2010902E 0000XXXX
20109030 0000XXXX
20109032 0000XXXX
20109034 0000XXXX
20109036 0000XXXX
20109038 0000XXXX
2010903A 0000XXXX
2010903C 0000XXXX

201090AE 0000XXXX
201090B0 0000XXXX
201090B2 0000XXXX
201090B4 0000XXXX
201090B6 0000XXXX
201090B8 0000XXXX
201090BA 0000XXXX
201090BC 0000XXXX

2010912E 0000XXXX
20109130 0000XXXX
20109132 0000XXXX
20109134 0000XXXX
20109136 0000XXXX
20109138 0000XXXX
2010913A 0000XXXX
2010913C 0000XXXX

201091AE 0000XXXX
201091B0 0000XXXX
201091B2 0000XXXX
201091B4 0000XXXX
201091B6 0000XXXX
201091B8 0000XXXX
201091BA 0000XXXX
201091BC 0000XXXX

2010922E  0000XXXX
20109230  0000XXXX
20109232  0000XXXX
20109234  0000XXXX
20109236  0000XXXX
20109238  0000XXXX
2010923A  0000XXXX
2010923C  0000XXXX

201092AE 0000XXXX
201092B0 0000XXXX
201092B2 0000XXXX
201092B4 0000XXXX
201092B6 0000XXXX
201092B8 0000XXXX
201092BA 0000XXXX
201092BC 0000XXXX

2010932E 0000XXXX
20109330 0000XXXX
20109332 0000XXXX
20109334 0000XXXX
20109336 0000XXXX
20109338 0000XXXX
2010933A 0000XXXX
2010933C 0000XXXX
you replace the XXXX with the skill you want also you don't have to use all codes they are single codes grouped together. there few unique persona skills that havent been found yet so it would be good if some could help find them especially a skill lucifer as.
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Re: persona 5 strikers

Post by strickmans » Wed Jan 12, 2022 4:21 am

lsdBeyond wrote: Fri Mar 12, 2021 3:10 am to help those whom used the max consumables code from save wizard. here is the code to make all the recipes to 0 so that you can buy recipes again.

Recipe code to make 0 of each
0010F932 00000000
0010F934 00000000
0010F936 00000000
0010F938 00000000
0010F93A 00000000
0010F93C 00000000
0010F93E 00000000
0010F940 00000000
0010F942 00000000
0010F944 00000000
0010F946 00000000
0010F948 00000000
0010F94A 00000000
0010F94C 00000000
0010F94E 00000000
0010F950 00000000
0010F952 00000000
Drift Boss

Thanks for your update. helpful.
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