Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by NeroTek » Sun May 24, 2020 11:34 am

Patch 1.08 moved the addresses around and complicated the way some addresses handle it's associated data.
The previous codes are still valid if you're not updated to patch 1.08.
If you are on 1.08 here's the updated Guest Modifier and Party Modifiers.
Equipping Guests and 2-Hand with Shield is included too, But something is missing on them. Even for the main party, the equipment modifications won't stick. I'll post them anyway. But they are in progress at the moment. It's been successfully done on PS2, so is possible. I have a feeling it has something to do with the item inventory.

Full Party with Reks (Use together with Guest Modifier to get 8 members)
*Note: If you ever only have 1 non guest member active, Reks or Penelo may disappear

Code: Select all

Full Party with Reks
10007C48 00000000
10007C7E 00000000
100540D4 00000000
1005E10A 00000000
10007C4A 00000003
10007C80 00000003
100540D6 00000003
1005E10C 00000003
10007C4C 00000002
10007C82 00000002
100540D8 00000002
1005E10E 00000002
10007C4E 00000004
10007C84 00000004
100540DA 00000004
1005E110 00000004
10007C50 00000001
10007C86 00000001
100540DC 00000001
1005E112 00000001
10007C52 00000005
10007C88 00000005
100540DE 00000005
1005E114 00000005
10007C54 00000006
10007C8A 00000006
100540E0 00000006
10054116 00000006

6 Members: Remove Reks and Guest

Code: Select all

Party Reset
10007C48 00000000
10007C7E 00000000
100540D4 00000000
1005E10A 00000000
10007C4A 00000003
10007C80 00000003
100540D6 00000003
1005E10C 00000003
10007C4C 00000002
10007C82 00000002
100540D8 00000002
1005E10E 00000002
10007C4E 00000004
10007C84 00000004
100540DA 00000004
1005E110 00000004
10007C50 00000001
10007C86 00000001
100540DC 00000001
1005E112 00000001
10007C52 00000005
10007C88 00000005
100540DE 00000005
1005E114 00000005
10007C54 0000FFFF
10007C8A 0000FFFF
100540E0 0000FFFF
10054116 0000FFFF
10007C56 0000FFFF
10007C8C 0000FFFF
100540E2 0000FFFF
10054118 0000FFFF

Single Codes (Party Modifier)
*Note: Slot 1 through 4 will be your active party
*Note 2: If using a 7th member and a Guest, must use all 7 codes at once, otherwise one character gets booted.

Code: Select all

Slot 1 (Default Vaan - 00)
10007C48 000000xx
10007C7E 000000xx
100540D4 000000xx
1005E10A 000000xx

Slot 2 (Default Balthier - 03)
10007C4A 000000xx
10007C80 000000xx
100540D6 000000xx
1005E10C 000000xx

Slot 3 (Default Fran - 02)
10007C4C 000000xx
10007C82 000000xx
100540D8 000000xx
1005E10E 000000xx

Slot 4 (Default Basch - 04)
10007C4E 000000xx
10007C84 000000xx
100540DA 000000xx
1005E110 000000xx

Slot 5 (Default Ashe - 01)
10007C50 000000xx
10007C86 000000xx
100540DC 000000xx
1005E112 000000xx

Slot 6 (Default Penelo - 05)
10007C52 000000xx
10007C88 000000xx
100540DE 000000xx
1005E114 000000xx

Slot 7 (Default Reks or None - 06 or FFFF)
10007C54 0000xxxx
10007C8A 0000xxxx
100540E0 0000xxxx
10054116 0000xxxx

Code: Select all

Character Slot 8 (Guest)
10007C56 0000xxxx
10007C8C 0000xxxx
100540E2 0000xxxx
10054118 0000xxxx

Character Digits

Code: Select all

0000 Vaan
0001 Ashe
0002 Fran
0003 Balthier
0004 Basch
0005 Penelo
0006 Reks
0007 Amalia
0008 Basch (Prisoner)
0009 Basch (Ex-Prisoner)
000A Lamont
000B Vossler (Empire)
000C Vossler (Dalmasca)
000D Larsa
000E Reddas
000F Basch (from Reks tutorial)
001A Chocobo
001B Belias
001C Mateus
001D Adrammelech
001E Hashmal
001F Cuchulainn
0020 Famfrit
0021 Zalera
0022 Shemhazai
0023 Chaos
0024 Zeromus
0025 Exodus
0026 Ultima
0027 Zodiark
FFFF No Guest (removes Vaan, so have to add him back into slot 1)

Unloack 4 Quickenings
Note: Learn 3 Quickenings for the character first, then use the code to unlock the 4th, otherwise they won't show up in the character's status screen. Let's you bypass the license board gaps, most useful with Shikari.
Alternativlely, learn the licenses behind the Quickenings, reset them, then pick new ones. I'll soon post the ability to learn and unlearn Espers on each character. I'm pretty sure they're immediately before or after the quickenings. Same concept, just so you can bypass the gaps to get the rest of a jobs skills, then unlearn the espers and allocate your espers as you want or even just keep all 13 on all 6 characters.

Template (The combo of quickenings you have is the sum of all the ones you want)
000##### 000000xx
00: None
01: 50 LP Quickening
02: 75 LP Quickening
04: 100 LP Quickening
08: 125 LP Quickening

0F: All 4 Quickenings Unlocked

Code: Select all

0004E828 0000000F

0004E9F0 0000000F

0004EBB8 0000000F

0004ED80 0000000F

0004EF48 0000000F

0004F110 0000000F

Reset All Quickenings
0004E828 00000000
0004E9F0 00000000
0004EBB8 00000000
0004ED80 00000000
0004EF48 00000000
0004F110 00000000

Espers Equipped
Note: Same thing. The combinations of Espers a character has are the sum of the hex values. Use to bridge gaps on the license board and either remove after (to allocate 1 person per esper or just keep all espers on everyone.
Example: All Espers in Set 1 will be Hex Value FC. Belias, Mateus, Hashmal, and Famfrit (story espers) would be AC.

Espers Set 1 (FC: All)

Code: Select all

Esper Set 1:

0004E82A 000000yx

0004E9F2 000000yx

0004EBBA 000000yx

0004ED82 000000yx

0004EF4A 000000yx

0004F112 000000yx

x values
00 None
01 N/A
02 N/A
04 Belias
08 Mateus

y values
00 None
10 Adrammelech
20 Hashmal
40 Cuchulainn
80 Famfrit

Reset Espers in Set 1
0004E82A 00000000
0004E9F2 00000000
0004EBBA 00000000
0004ED82 00000000
0004EF4A 00000000
0004F112 00000000

Espers Set 2 (FF: All) - Set 2 is untested, based on the pattern of Set 1.

Code: Select all

Espers Set 2:

0004E82B 000000yx

0004E9F3 000000yx

0004EBBB 000000yx

0004ED83 000000yx

0004EF4B 000000yx

0004F113 000000yx

x values
01 Zalera
02 Shamhazai
04 Chaos
08 Zeromus

y values
10 Exodus
20 Ultima
40 Zodiark

Remove Espers in Set 2
0004E82B 00000080
0004E9F3 00000080
0004EBBB 00000080
0004ED83 00000080
0004EF4B 00000080
0004F113 00000080

Note: I'm working out the kinks in the equipment modifiers. There's somethings I'm missing, so these are not yet useable, even for the main party.
Equipment Modifier (Main Party and Guests) Note: Allows Shields with 2-Handed Weapons
1000#### 0000xxxx (Weapon)
1000#### 0000xxxx (Shield/Ammo)
1000#### 0000xxxx (Headgear)
1000#### 0000xxxx (Armor)
1000#### 0000xxxx (Accessory)

Code: Select all

10002258 0000xxxx
1000225A 0000xxxx
1000225C 0000xxxx
1000225E 0000xxxx
10002260 0000xxxx

10002420 0000xxxx
10002422 0000xxxx
10002424 0000xxxx
10002226 0000xxxx
10002228 0000xxxx

100025E8 0000xxxx
100025EA 0000xxxx
100025EC 0000xxxx
100025EE 0000xxxx
100025F0 0000xxxx

100027B0 0000xxxx
100027B2 0000xxxx
100027B4 0000xxxx
100027B6 0000xxxx
100027B8 0000xxxx

10002978 0000xxxx
1000297A 0000xxxx
1000297C 0000xxxx
1000297E 0000xxxx
10002980 0000xxxx

10002B40 0000xxxx
10002B42 0000xxxx
10002B44 0000xxxx
10002B46 0000xxxx
10002B48 0000xxxx

10002D08 0000xxxx
10002D0A 0000xxxx
10002D0C 0000xxxx
10002D0E 0000xxxx
10002D10 0000xxxx

10002ED0 0000xxxx
10002ED2 0000xxxx
10002ED4 0000xxxx
10002ED6 0000xxxx
10002ED8 0000xxxx

Basche (Prisoner)
10003098 0000xxxx
1000309A 0000xxxx
1000309C 0000xxxx
1000309E 0000xxxx
100030A0 0000xxxx

Basche (Ex-Prisoner)
10003260 0000xxxx
10003262 0000xxxx
10003264 0000xxxx
10003266 0000xxxx
10003268 0000xxxx

10003428 0000xxxx
1000342A 0000xxxx
1000342C 0000xxxx
1000342E 0000xxxx
10003430 0000xxxx

Vossler (Imperial)
100035F0 0000xxxx
100035F2 0000xxxx
100035F4 0000xxxx
100035F6 0000xxxx
100035F8 0000xxxx

Vossler (Dalmasca)
100037B8 0000xxxx
100037BA 0000xxxx
100037BC 0000xxxx
100037BE 0000xxxx
100037C0 0000xxxx

10003980 0000xxxx
10003982 0000xxxx
10003984 0000xxxx
10003986 0000xxxx
10003988 0000xxxx

10003B48 0000xxxx
10003B4A 0000xxxx
10003B4C 0000xxxx
10003B4E 0000xxxx
10003B50 0000xxxx

Reset Guest Equipment

Code: Select all

10002D08 000010A0
10002D0A 000010CA
10002D0C 000010DC
10002D0E 00001118
10002D10 0000FFFF

10002ED0 00001002
10002ED2 000010CA
10002ED4 00001107
10002ED6 00001143
10002ED8 0000115A

Basche (Prisoner)
10003098 00001000
1000309A 0000FFFF
1000309C 0000FFFF
1000309E 0000FFFF
100030A0 0000FFFF

Basche (Ex-Prisoner)
10003260 000010A7
10003262 0000FFFF
10003264 00001107
10003266 00001143
10003268 0000FFFF

10003428 000011D4
1000342A 000011D5
1000342C 000010F4
1000342E 00001130
10003430 00001156

Vossler (Imperial)
100035F0 000010A6
100035F2 0000FFFF
100035F4 00001108
100035F6 00001144
100035F8 00001165

Vossler (Dalmasca)
100037B8 000010A9
100037BA 0000FFFF
100037BC 0000110B
100037BE 00001147
100037C0 00001165

10003980 000010A4
10003982 000011D5
10003984 000010F7
10003986 00001133
10003988 00001156

10003B48 000010A5
10003B4A 000011E5
10003B4C 00001114
10003B4E 00001150
10003B50 000011B6

Ultimate Equipment (PS2 FFXII)

Code: Select all

Don't give Guest character primary or secondary weapon of a type they don't usually use or they will T-stance
Digits were taken from the PS2 FFXII and might be off. Still need to test them.
Reks: Swords/Shields
Amalia: Swords/Shields
Basch (Prisoner): Unarmed
Basche (Ex-Prisoner): Swords
Vossler (A & B): Greatswords
Lamont/Larsa: Swords/Shields
Reddas: Swords/Shields

1011 = Durandal (Sword)
1018 = Tournesol (Greatsword)
10DA = Zodiac Escutcheon (Shield)
10F0 = Dueling Mask (Light Headgear)
1105 = Circlet (Mystic Headgear)
1117 = Grand Helm (Heavy Headgear)
112C = Brave Suit (Light Armor)
1141 = Lordly Robes (Mystic Armor)
1153 = Grand Armor (Heavy Armor)
1164 = Genji Gloves (Accessory)
1181 = Ribbon (Accessory)
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by Lounas225 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 1:24 pm

Hi there! I'm looking for custom codes for the patch 1.08

Is there anyone out there who could convert these codes from this thread and make them work with the latest patch or teach me how to do it myself then that would be super awesome. Thanks. :)
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by Freezerburn » Mon Jul 06, 2020 6:22 pm

Is there a way to manually edit the item and weapon in the inventory? I'm currently looking for it but ended up finding 2 areas of offsets where a group of 63s is there and based on in-game values, I'm sure they're the quantities of my item inventory that I used 'Have All Items'.

- 00006940
- 00052DC0

Editing the values won't do anything in-game. they're just a bunch of quantity values with no item name value beside them.
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by spektukal » Fri Jul 10, 2020 4:31 am

I'd also really like to see an update for some of the codes posted in this thread, specifically those that apply permanent status effects like those you can get from items and spells. If no one's interested in working on codes for this game anymore some info on how to go about making these codes or adjusting the old ones for the latest update would be nice, too. My knowledge is mostly limited to basic hex editing though. And the list with all the skills in it that was posted on some earlier page is gone as well. If we had that we might be able to look for the status effects, assuming that all of those values haven't changed completely with the update.
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by Hakamdeebad » Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:33 am

I wish there was a way to acquire all magicks for all characters. Using the all licenses code in SW results in all the stat boost licenses being acquired as well, which results in characters being overpowered. Is there a way to acquire just the Abilities licenses? I know this was possible back on PS2 because of the IZJS editor which allowed you to activate specific licenses. I kinda wish the person who made that save editor would just update it to be compatible with PS4 'cause it was a fantastic save editor. Very comprehensive.

Also, is there any way to check and see if the natural abilities you add are active? I added Double LP to my characters, but just want to know if I did it right or not.
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by Hakamdeebad » Fri Jan 01, 2021 3:33 am

This is the code I used:

Double LP All Characters
40002273 00000010
402901C8 00000000

But it does not seem to have any effect.
Also sorry for double posting, I am unable to edit the previous post.
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by maxwellninx » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:07 pm

Can someone please help me with a "god mode" code for the following effects?

Null Evade
Shield Block
Last Stand
Counter Plus
Genji Gloves Effect
Thief's Cuffs Effect
Item Plus
Piercing Magick
Steel Poleyns Effect
Attack Plus
Mana Spring

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by linkmtg » Tue Jan 24, 2023 7:19 pm

Using information found in previous posts, I have compiled a lot of Item offsets into a spreadsheet.

My main focus was figuring out how to use Advanced mode in order to add items to the inventory. Most of the Hard work should go to NeroTek for providing the values for the Ultimate equipment. Using that info I was able to reference an old PS2 Save state hacking guide on GameFaqs to get most of the item ID values and locate where quantities are stored.

In order to add items to your inventory, you need to edit 3 values in the save file. Here is the process:

1. Add the item to your inventory.
2. Update the number of items in the inventory.
3. Update the quantity of the item in the inventory list.

Locations for the inventory are as follows:

BACC - Consumable list Starts
C9B8 - Number of items in the Consumable list
52DD0 - Start of Consumable List quantities

BB4C - Weapon List Start
C9BC - Weapon List Count
52E56 - Start of Weapon Quantities

BCDC - Armor List Start
C9C0 - Armor List Count
52FE4 - Armor List Quantities

BDF4 - Accessory List Start
C9C4 - Accessory List Count
530FC - Accessory List Quantities

BE54 - Ammunition List Start
C9C8 - Ammunition List Count
5315C - Ammunition List Quantities

C5B6 - Loot List Start
C9E4 - Loot List Count
531DC - Loot List Quantities
5319C - Teleport Stone Quantities

Spreadsheet with all of this info and the exact values for every item is located at ... ue&sd=true

Feel free to let me know if anything doesn't work and I can update the info. I don't really know how to make codes in quick mode, so feel free to do so with this info.
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Re: Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

Post by Lakell00 » Sat Feb 04, 2023 4:10 am

Good Work
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