Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - item/shard hacking info (All Backer Items on one file)

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - item/shard hacking info (All Backer Items on one file)

Post by NeroTek » Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:06 am

This is for advance mode. Inventory on this file starts around address 7000. It will always be a weapon. For me starting with Dominus (EvilTheSword) and then Knife and KungFuShoes (what you'll probably see if not using a backer weapon)

List of Item IDs. I didn't datamine this list, but you'll see these are the item IDs that represent everything in your inventory. ... articles/2

Number of characters in Item/Shard ID name +1 (to add the 00 or . at the end)
06 00 00 00 (this is number of characters in "Knife.")

(item/shard name ending in .) - Length of this is dependent on the length of the Item ID
K n i f e .
4B 6E 69 66 65 00

K u n g F u S h o e s .
4B 75 6E 67 46 75 53 68 6F 65 73 00

C e r u l e a n s p l a s h .
43 65 72 75 6C 65 61 6E 73 70 6C 61 73 68 00

Quanity/Rank (9 in this case)
09 00
(E7 03 will give you 999) (63 00 will give you 99)

N/A (but required)
00 00 00

Item List Position (Weapon List Position 2 for me)

19 offsets of 00 before the next item/shard starts back at that Unknown value
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Items appear in the code in the order you first picked it up in and sorted into the proper category list. So for List Position 1 always starts at 00. 2 is 01. 11 is 0A. So you can have both a weapon and an armor at position 2 (01)

Categories in order: (Most of these should be be accurate, but may have made some mistakes, it's an early save on the Galleon I'm testing on so actually have no foods, key items, blue/yellow/green/white shards)
Weapons, Ammo, Armor, Headgear, Accessories, Scarfs, Items, Food, Ingredients, Materials, Key Items, Red Shard, Blue Shard, Purple Shard, Yellow Shard, Green Shard, White Shard

*Note, so far this info can't be used to add items to your save. It can only be used to swap items for other items if it's in the same category and has the exact amount of characters in the item ID as another item (cause you'd have to move everything down the addresses to compensate otherwise, and inserting lines to shift code downward isn't something you can do in advance mode). Example: Baselard for Claymore or Knife for Awhip (Whip) but not EvilTheSword (Dominus) What it can do is edit the quantity of items/shards from 0 to 999. The quick codes on savewizard won't always work, and may corrupt your save, because your save file is constantly changing, so advance mode is the safest for editing this.

Having 9 knifes in your 2nd weapon slot is going to look like this
06 00 00 00 4B 6E 69 66 65 00 09 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (start next item)

For White shards, increasing the rank of a Grade 9 yellow shard to 9 or even 999 or anything else, if you turn the white shard off and back on again, it will refresh with the new stats equal to the rank of your yellow shard. This is how you get permanent stats.
If an item or shard is above it's natural max value, obtaining another one will revert it to it's natural max. Usually 99 for items and 9 for shards.
If you had 999 or another number of a Grade 9 yellow shard and it returns to 9 because you obtained another, as long as you don't turn the equivalent white shard off and on again, the stats and effects of the white shard should stick. Won't revert/refresh.

This info is for anyone wanting to test it further.
Edit: This info should allow you to swap items with other items in the same category as long as the item ID has the exact amount of characters as the item your swapping to. The purpose of this is to possibly allow having all backer items on one save file. Swap an easily obtained item that's appropriate with a backer item, replacing it in your code, then just reaquire the item you lost, which will insert some new addresses into your code in that category (example: weapons)
The main purpose of learning how the inventory coding works is to add all the backer items at once. Increasing Quantities and Ranks is just a bonus.
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Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - item/shard hacking info

Post by NeroTek » Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:25 am


Here's another topic on this. Less descriptive on the code side, but details some examples. Like picking up a shard/item when your above the normal max reverts it to the max. But how editing a white stat shard will stick onto your stats letting you have 999 Luck. Felt I should link it.
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Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - item/shard hacking info

Post by chaoszage » Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:07 am

nice analysis on there :)
I only messed around the stats part...prefer to video below

for more cheats/saveset/editor/guide,please visit link below
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Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - item/shard hacking info

Post by NeroTek » Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:27 am

chaoszage wrote: Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:07 am
So I figured out the mystery character that's in front of each item ID. For Knife it is 06. For EvilTheSword (Dominus) it is 0D (13 in Dec). KungFuShoes is 0C (12 in Dec) (It is the number of characters in the weapon/item/shard ID +1 (to add the "." at the end which is that 00 at the end of the item address where all the hex is). I think I might finally be able to swap weapons and armors for other weapons and armors as long as it has the exact amount of characters in the ID being swapped and in the same category, making it possible to get all backer items on one save file. I think the swapping will work because of how Bloodbringers address keeps getting replaced with a new level bloodbringer in your code at wherever it's address is located as it levels up.
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Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - item/shard hacking info

Post by NeroTek » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:05 am

I can now confirm it works. I have successfully swapped Knife (Knife) for Almace (Armas) on a new file on the Galleon.
The conditions are:
1. Same category (Weapons for Weapons, Headgear for Headgear, Armor for Armor, Scarfs for Scarfs, Red Shards for Red Shards, Purple Shards for Purple Shards, Material for Material, Food for Food.... you get the idea)
2. Same number of characters in items ID.
If you want all the backer weapons, it doesn't seem there's any weapons with the same number of characters as Darkness Descends (SilverAndBlackSword) 19 characters. So you might have to start with the name ALPHAOMEGASIN. I only glanced real fast, so could be wrong and didn't check all the backer items for compatible weapons headgear and accessories. But getting all the backer items is just going to be a matter of legit obtaining a weapon/headgear/accessory that matches the item category and ID length of the one you're trying to add.
And yes it does work with the backer items even if you didn't use the cheat to start with it. I started with Dominus "Akuma" (EvilTheSword) and replaced my Short Sword (ShortSword) with Game Sack Strip "8MEGAPOWER" (PowerSword), now I can just buy another Short Sword once getting off the Galleon.

Proof ... sp=sharing

Next I'll try replacing Armor with Weapons and see if the game will correct the item positions on the separate lists in the code for the 2 categories on it's own after resaving. I think I remember working on another game that did this.


Edit: WARNING I tried writing in Darkness Descends (SilverAndBlackSword) where the Short Sword (ShortSword) was located, even though it doesn't fit. ID too long. I then followed the format and manually retyped where the Number of Characters goes (13 +1) so (14) to equal the 19 characters +1 and the Quanity and it's position on the Weapon List, overwriting those 19 offets of "00" before the next item starts. Basically started at the number of characters on my template and manually typed in the entire address for this weapon with all relevant data. It did add Darkness Descends to my inventory. Something in those 19 "00" offsets marked it as a favorite, coloring it yellow and leaving a star. I unfavorited it and resaved my game. Even though the rest of my inventory for items, equipment and shards looks fine in the game, when I reexamined my file in advance mode everything in my inventory seems nowhere to be found in the actual games code.

This is what I see on the right of every line that used to contain items and shards, evertything that should have displayed after I forced in a Darkness Descends where it didn't fit is now this.... But the items are all still in my game when I load it.
Force items where they don't fit at your own risk. Game is fine, but who knows for how long. It's only the inventory that seems gone... it returns to normal where the Library Books start.
Replacing items with other items from the same category with the same ID length has no negative effects and makes no changes to the code other then the simple weapon swap you manually made.

I opened the file in HxD. I manually typed out all the codes following the format for every backer weapon and then inserted them directly into the save file, so that it shifts everything after it right and down. I made sure to assign valid item positions for all the weapons not conflicting with that Knife and KungFuShoes. I then imported the file back into savewizard. I was sure this was going to work. But on loading my save file, it froze at about 30%. There's either a separate value somewhere that says exactly how many items you have in that category (Dragon's Dogma did this) or the BookAreachangeCount (comes right after your shards) always starts at the A offset in the address (64AA). I think it's the former. To be safe continue to stick with replacing items with other items from the same category and IDs of the same length for now.
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Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - item/shard hacking info

Post by NeroTek » Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:57 am

Here's a list of easy to obtain weapons that can convert into all the Backer Weapons. It will remove the original weapon from your inventory and archives, but you just have to obtain another one to add it back. Tried to provide the easiest examples to obtain. Just look on the right side of advance mode and around the 7000 address starting with a backer weapon or Knife and followed by KungFuShoes you will see the IDs of all your items. Click on the first letter of the item ID and type in the new ID, overwriting it.

Note: You may have to new game plus to reobtain some of these items. I didn't take the time to check.
It's a lot of work, but this will let you finally have a complete item inventory and archive.
Note: ClockSowrd is not a typo. The ID is actually mispelled in the code.

LongSword (Long Sword): KongSword (Clockwork Blade)
ShortSword (Short Sword): ClockSowrd (Final Hour), PowerSword (Game Sack Strip)
Florenberg (Florenberg): ClockSowrd (Final Hour), PowerSword (Game Sack Strip)
KungFuShoes (Kung Fu Shoes): LoveOfPizza (Sicilian Slicer)
DrillWideEnd (Blood Grinder 8-bit): EvilTheSword (Dominus)
PetrificationSword (Silent Calamity 8-bit): DungeonNightSword (Dungeonite Sword)
PetrificationSword2 (Silent Calamity 16-bit): SwordOfTheMushroom (Vine Sword)
OutsiderKnightSword (Spiral Sword): SilverAndBlackSword (Darkness Descends)

IceCirclet (Ice Circlet): Mega64Head (Mega64 Helmet)
SilverTiara (Silver Tiara): LoveOfBenki (Dumping Helmet)
FeatherCrown (Feather Crown): HumptyDumpty (Guardian Egg Helm), Plan9F0Space (Space Helmet)
HermitsBeret (Hermit's Beret): HumptyDumpty (Guardian Egg Helm), Plan9F0Space (Space Helmet)

UnicornRing (Unicorn Ring): BigMustache, The-BazMask, HeyI'mGrump
Thunderring (Thunder Ring): BigMustache, The-BazMask, HeyI'mGrump
Striderbelt (Strider Belt): BigMustache, The-BazMask, HeyI'mGrump
CutpursesRing (Cutpurse's Ring): I'mNotSoGrump
Enlargedglasses (Convex Glasses): AKindaFunnyMask
WarlocksNecklace (Warlock's Necklace): PlagueDoctorFace (Plague Doctor Face)
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