God Of War Ragnarok [CUSA34386] Modded Starter Save (2147400000+)

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God Of War Ragnarok [CUSA34386] Modded Starter Save (2147400000+)

Post by XxUnkn0wnxX » Fri Nov 11, 2022 2:11 pm

These saves are made using the ID's that are posted here SW Discord - GOWR Spreadsheet
if you want to mod your own saves refer to the spreadsheet.

GOW Ragnarok [All Regions] (XxUnkn0wnxX) - Modded Starter v1.3.3: (All Resource Items)
MediaFire | GOW Ragnarok [All Regions] (XxUnkn0wnxX) - Modded Starter v1.3.3
Mega.nz | GOW Ragnarok [All Regions] (XxUnkn0wnxX) - Modded Starter v1.3.3

Contains Regions: US: CUSA34384 | EU: CUSA34386 | EU: CUSA34390 | EU: CUSA34388 | AS: CUSA34394
Missing: JP: CUSA34392 | ES: CUSA34389

New Save Difficulty Set to MAX.
Difficulty can be changed anytime
Only Key item left is: Superior Resurrection Stone as this counts as a Unique Resource apparently?
No Key Items
No Crystalline Fragment, Shard (removed due to high risk of crashing)

Starts at: Sindri's House

Code: Select all

Folder: Alt Max Items
Currency & XP Set to 999999999
Resources Set to 9999999
    Balanced Max [10k Stats]
        Stats set to 10k

Folder: SW Defaults
Items Set to x99999
    Normal Stats [Legit Stats]
        Starter Level Stats
        Currency & XP Set to 999999999

Folder: Ultra Broken Max [2147400000]
Everything Is 2147400000+

Folder: Super Max [100k]
Stats Set to 100k, XP, Currency & Items 2147400000+

Balanced Max [10k]
Max Stats Set to 10k, XP, Currency & Items 2147400000+

Just Items [2147400000]
Stats & XP All Starter Levels, Items & Currency 2147400000+

Raw Save
Use this to import into your own region.
v1.3.3 Contents

Code: Select all

Divine Ashes [Currency]
Hacksilver [Currency]

Horn Of Blood Mead 1st [Hero Upgrade]
Horn Of Blood Mead 2nd [Hero Upgrade]
Horn Of Blood Mead 3rd [Hero Upgrade]
Horn Of Blood Mead 4th [Hero Upgrade]
Iðunn Apples 1st [Hero Upgrade]
Iðunn Apples 2nd [Hero Upgrade]
Iðunn Apples 3rd [Hero Upgrade]
Iðunn Apples 4th [Hero Upgrade]
Maximum Health Increased [Hero Upgrade]
Maximum Rage Increased [Hero Upgrade]

Atreus XP [Player]
Guest XP [Player]
Kratos XP [Player]

Asgardian Ingot [Resources]
Beast Bone [Resources]
Beastscraps [Resources]
Blazing Embers [Resources]
Bonded Leather [Resources]
Dwarven Steel [Resources]
Forged Iron [Resources]
Fortified Remnant [Resources]
Gleaming Crystal [Resources]
Glowing Embers [Resources]
Hardened Remnants [Resources]
Honed Metal [Resources]
Hunters Brand [Resources]
Luminous Alloy [Resources]
Petrified Bone [Resources]
Purified Crystalline [Resources]
Rawhide [Resources]
Shining Crystal [Resources]
Slag Deposits [Resources]
Smoldering Embers [Resources]
Sparkling Crystal [Resources]
Stonewood [Resources]
Tempered Remnants [Resources]
Whispering Slab [Resources]
Slumber Stones [Resources]
Meal of Comfort [Resources]
Nars Cup [Resources]

Crackle of Bilskirnir [Unique Resources]
Skirnir's Gambanteinn [Unique Resources]
Svefnthorn [Unique Resources]
Superior Resurrection Stone [Key Item]  [Unique Resources]
Dragon Claw [Unique Resources]
Dragon Tooth [Unique Resources]
Dust Of Realms [Unique Resources]
Essence of Hel [Unique Resources]
Lindwyrm Scales [Unique Resources]
Shattered Rune [Unique Resources]
Sovereign Coals [Unique Resources]
Nidavellir Ore [Unique Resources]

Chaos Flame [Weapon Upgrades]
Chaos Spark [Weapon Upgrades]
Folkvangr Whetstone [Weapon Upgrades]
Frozen Flame [Weapon Upgrades]
Gale Flame [Weapon Upgrades]
Gale Spark [Weapon Upgrades]
Jewel Of Yggdrasil [Weapon Upgrades]
Ydalir Timber [Weapon Upgrades]
Frozen Spark [Weapon Upgrades]

Yggdrasil's Dew of Cooldown [Stats]
Yggdrasil's Dew of Defense [Stats]
Yggdrasil's Dew of Luck [Stats]
Yggdrasil's Dew of Runic Power [Stats]
Yggdrasil's Dew of Strength [Stats]
Yggdrasil's Dew of Vitality [Stats]
For "Raw Saves" You need to import them into your save like you are re-regioning a save.

QC Codes & Old Saves Moved Here: Dropbox - GOWR - made using spreadsheet templates (anyone can do these)

Starts at 5:15, Relevant part stats at 6:30 (Doesn't get any easier than this for explanation)

Video Guide
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