Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

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Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by Crypt Keeper » Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:40 pm

It does have Advanced Mode. :clap:
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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by TheGoat2 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:14 pm

So I dug into the Advanced Mode the past few days and have found some things.

=> First off, your current Gil amount is located at 00034E54, as shown in the picture below.

So you can see where I highlighted the 0A 03, which is 778. Remember: Hex values are in your file in reverse, so when you punch 778 into a calculator, it will give you 03 0A, so just reverse it and you're set. Now, instead of using the Quick Mode Max Gil code and getting the Save Wizard standard default 999,999,999 amount of Gil, I just went for 50,000 to give myself a good early boost. So the Hex value for 50,000 is 50 C3, and I changed the 0A 03 to 50 C3, and as shown below, I now had 50,000 Gil to play with. Note: The Gil number you enter can be four values long, and won't go past the 999,999,999 (FF C9 9A 3B) that the Max Gil Quick Code gives you, so you could easily go for 1,000,000 or 5,000,000 or whatever.

=> Next up, I wanted to look at Levels and EXP, and luckily enough, all of your characters info is basically right at the beginning of your file. The two pictures below will show the layouts for the five available characters in this first part of the game, each of them I highlighted by different colors.


Each character has four rows of information, and is broken down in color by the following:
-Cloud (Light Green, location 0x030 through 0x060)
-Barret (Light Yellow, location 0x070 through 0x0A0)
-Tifa (Light Blue, location 0x0B0 through 0x0E0)
-Aerith (Light Purple, location 0x0F0 through 0x120)
-Red XIII (Light Orange, location 0x130 through 0x160)

Let's look at Cloud then. The only two items that you can change are his Level (represented by the 0A) and his total gained XP (represented by the 0E 08). As you can see, Cloud is currently Level 10 (0A) and has gained 2,062 XP thus far in the game (0E 08).

That's where some confusion might set in, because in the game, all you can see is his current XP and the value you need to hit to gain another level, like 380/750 perhaps. So in this particular case, if you want to just gain one level up to 11, and in game you're sitting at 380/750, the difference in those two numbers is 370. Add that 370 to the 2,062 that your file shows that you have earned thus far, and the new number you want is 2,432, which in Hex, is 80 09. So change the 0E 08 to 80 09, fight one battle in game, and voila, you'll be at Level 11.

Of course, this also works if you want to plug in a much bigger number. Like above with the gil, say you want to have 50,000 XP. Change that 0E 08 to 50 C3, and when you load your game, it will show your EXP as 50000/750. So just go and fight one battle, and all that EXP will accumulate and you'll jump from Level 10 to a much higher level. I'm not sure what the Level breakdown cap for each individual level is, at some point I might get around to tracking it and doing the math, but we'll see.
-On a side note, most of your characters stats and vitals are all listed here too. Those are all unfortunately locked at this time (maybe they'll get unlocked once the second or third part get released), but if you're curious, looking at Cloud again, you can see the following stats:

=> First Row (0x030): The 0F is his Speed
=> Second Row (0x040): The 51 03 is his Current HP, the C2 04 is his Current Max HP, the 20 is his Current MP, the 21 is his Current Max MP
=> Third Row (0x050): The 42 is his Attack, the 40 is his Magic Attack
=> Fourth Row (0x060): The first 20 is his Defense, the second 20 is his Magic Defense, and the 16 is his Luck

A little further down in the file (starting at 0x230) are the rest of the stats, as shown in the picture below.

Again, with Cloud's color being the Light Green, the four numbers in that row represent the following:

=> The 16 is his Strength, the 15 is his Magic, the first 10 is his Vitality, and the second 10 is his Spirit.

Hopefully we'll get to come back and spend some time messing around with those values in the future when/if they get unlocked, so I'll come back to that when/if necessary.
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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by TheGoat2 » Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:34 am

=> Next up is Materia. Your Materia starts at 00001840 in your file, as denoted in the two pictures below.


So looking on the 00001840 line, the two sets of values highlighted in Light Red are 14 27 (Materia Type) and 5A (Amount of AP earned). That is basically all that you need to know, but I'll explain a couple things further.

The seven pieces of Materia highlighted in Light Red appear to be the game's default Materia that are initally equipped to each of your characters when Materia first gets introduced in Chapter 2 or when characters joined your party for the first time.

The rest of the Materia that I have highlighted in Light Green are ones that I have found or purchased so far in the game.

Now, you all are probably aware that there are five types of Materia in the game, and you can tell in your file which type each is. So looking at the pictures, you can see values like 14 27, E4 2E, DA 32 and B9 36. The numbers we're focused on here are the second values, the 27, 2E, 32 and 36. Here's your further breakdown:

=> The 27 type is your Magic (Green) Materia
=> The 2A type is your Support (Blue) Materia
=> The 2E type is your Command (Yellow) Materia
=> The 32 type is your Complete (Purple) Materia
=> The 36 type is your Summoning (Red) Materia

So, looking at my 14 27 in row 00001840 in the first picture, I know that it's a Green materia, and with a value of 5A two places after, I know that I have earned 90 AP on it so far, because 5A = 90. Different Materias, like some of your Blues or the Summons for example, won't have an AP earned value because they'll already be maxed, so that's why in row 00001920, you can see my Summoning Materia B9 36 has an AP earned value listed at 0. However, if it's 0 on most all of your other Materia, then it just means that you haven't earned any AP on it yet.

Furthermore, here is your compiled list of the 52 Materia that I found in the file and their values:

Code: Select all

Magic (Green) Materia
11 27 = Healing
12 27 = Cleansing
13 27 = Revival
14 27 = Fire
15 27 = Ice
16 27 = Lightning
17 27 = Wind
18 27 = Poison
19 27 = Binding
1A 27 = Time
1B 27 = Barrier
1C 27 = Subversion

Support (Blue) Materia
F9 2A = Magnify
FA 2A = Elemental
FB 2A = Warding
FC 2A = HP Absorption
FD 2A = MP Absorption
FE 2A = Synergy
FF 2A = AP Up

Command (Yellow) Materia
E1 2E = Steal
E2 2E = Assess
E3 2E = Enemy Skill
E4 2E = Chakra
E5 2E = Prayer
E6 2E = ATB Boost

Complete (Purple) Materia
C9 32 = HP Up
CA 32 = MP Up
CB 32 = Magic Up
CC 32 = Luck Up
CD 32 = Gil Up
CE 32 = EXP Up
CF 32 = Item Master
D0 32 = Refocus
D1 32 = First Strike
D2 32 = Steadfast Block
D3 32 = Skill Master
D4 32 = Deadly Dodge
D5 32 = Parry
D6 32 = ATB Assist
D7 32 = Auto-Cure
D8 32 = Provoke
D9 32 = Pedometer
DA 32 = ATB Stagger

Summoning (Red) Materia
B1 36 = Chocobo & Moogle
B2 36 = Shiva
B3 36 = Ifrit
B4 36 = Leviathan
B5 36 = Bahamut
B6 36 = Carbuncle
B7 36 = Fat Chocobo
B8 36 = Cactuar
B9 36 = Chocobo Chick
So, you might have a few questions I take it.

1.) Can you add individual Materias to your file? Answer: You might be able to, but I'm not smart enough to figure that out, and that would bring in all those other numbers listed since it appears each Materia take up two rows of information.

2.) Can you change from one type to another type in your file? Answer: Yes! I changed my Fire Materia (14 27) to the Provoke Materia (D8 32) with no issue. I changed my Deadly Dodge (D4 32) with 30 AP earned on it already to the AP Up Materia (FF 2A) and since it was a Blue Materia, that value of 30 didn't matter as it is already Maxed at default. I even changed my Fire Materia to a Leviathan Materia (B4 36) and it showed up attached to my weapon in the game! When I un-equipped the Leviathan Materia, it went into the standard Summon Materia pile as usual.

3.) How high can the values for the AP Earned be? Answer: I'm not sure myself, but I would assume that it is at least two values (00 00) long, since I see some Materia already needing 1,000 AP to max it out, and since that value is E8 03, two values must be the minimum. You could try putting in FF FF (65,535) and I'm sure that any Materia you put that on would be Maxed out.

4.) Can you make an Add All Materia code? Answer: Someone might be able to, but I'm not smart enough to figure that out, so maybe some of the SW guys can figure that out since all the values are here now. In the meantime, you can just go to an Item Shop, but as many Fire or Lightning or whatever type of Materias that you want, then pull them up in your file, and change all the extra corresponding 14 27 and 16 27 values to any listed here, and voila, you have yourself a bunch of new Materia!

5.) Did you find any extra Materia not listed here? Answer: I tried, but No. I entered some values just before or after established ones, like 10 27, 1D 27, DB 32 etc. and once I tried to load my file, it got corrupted. So those values for Materia might eventually exist whenever the next two parts are released, but for now, it looks like this list will have to suffice.

One final note, as of right now, I'm only at the start of Chapter 3 currently, so if I come across any other Materia in my travels, I'll be sure to add them to the list.
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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by krustytoe » Wed Apr 22, 2020 2:55 am

Nice work man.
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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by harRy49995 » Fri Dec 31, 2021 10:18 am

When will we be able to edit the teams stats (hp, mp, attack, strength, etc.)?
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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by lukalaku09 » Thu Apr 14, 2022 9:50 am

Man, you did a fantastic job
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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by alicejenny » Tue Jun 07, 2022 7:14 am

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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by thomasfrank » Wed Feb 08, 2023 9:51 am

I appreciate your effort to release advanced mode. build now gg
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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake (NOW SUPPORTED)

Post by danielusa0106 » Fri Mar 03, 2023 2:43 am

The finished version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake was published on April 10, 2020. Square Enix created this game, which was made available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. slither io
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