Cut Content Armor pieces - Bloodborne

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Cut Content Armor pieces - Bloodborne

Post by Erfgs45 » Tue Jan 31, 2023 6:57 pm

I recently went hex editing my save for cut content items based of this video:

I used the hex ids from this site: ... chive.html, this spreadsheet: ... edit#gid=0 and this other spreadsheet: ... /htmlview#, looking for the ids of the Lonely Old Woman's clothes and Arianna's Pregnant dress for fashion,

but I only managed to get the ghost variant (100CAE18) of the old woman's clothes which is NOT what I'm looking for, thus, does anybody know the EXACT hex codes for them? (if the hex is either invalid or smth, id gives me an invisible item that doesn't have the model or removes the source item used to replace it entirely instead of showing like the video) much appreciated! :-D

(P.S.: I'm posting it here hoping for some results 'cause after 2 entire days I'm desperate lol)
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Re: Cut Content Armor pieces - Bloodborne

Post by MichaelLandis » Mon Jan 29, 2024 1:57 pm

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