Enter the Gateway Menu with Menuhax + Homebrew Launcher

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Enter the Gateway Menu with Menuhax + Homebrew Launcher

Post by Dione1109 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:35 am

Gateway team updates their English manual with some clear explanation on the latest features based on Gateway Ultra v3.7.1. The English manual tells us how to enter the Gateway Menu with Menuhax + Homebrew Launcher.
Here is the tutorial:

This is the preferred method for booting your system into Gateway Mode. Once set up, it is very fast and doesn’t require an additional game or any modification of your sysNAND.
– Homebrew Launcher (HBL) Starter Pack (Get it HERE )
– Menuhax Manager (Included in the HBL Starter Pack)
– If you are on a newer 3DS firmware (Higher than 9.2), DO NOT open your web browser app before doing the first few steps.
Step 1: Enter your System Settings and going to Internet Settings > Connection Settings > (Existing Connection) > Change Settings > Tap the Right Arrow on the screen > and finally choose DNS.
Step 2: Set the Auto-Obtain to “No” and then press Detailed Setup. Finally, set the Primary and Secondary DNS to then press OK and Save the connection.
You do not need to test the connection if it worked for you previously. If you are making a connection for the first time, be sure to set the DNS settings when it asks during the connection setup.
Step 3: Return to the Home Menu and select Change Theme from the Home Menu Settings popup (Top left corner). Choose a random theme, then put it back to “Do not use a theme”. Power off the device and move your SD card inside your 3DS to the PC.
Step 4: Extract the contents of the HBL Starter Pack to the root of your SD card, along with the latest Gateway “Launcher.dat” from the zip file. You will also want to extract the “GW_3DSX.zip” (within Gateway Ultra v3.7.1.zip)and place the folder labelled “GW” in the SD:\3ds\ folder along with the other applications from the HBL Starter Pack.
Step 5: Place the SD card into your 3DS and power it up. Open up the Web Browser app and access to: http://yls8.mtheall.com/3dsbrowserhax_auto.php OR you can press L+R at the Home Menu and click on QR and scan this QR Code.
Step 6: If successful, the 3DS should boot into HBL and give you a list of applications. If your 3DS appears to lock up or does not respond after 30 seconds, hold down the power button to power off the unit and try again.
Step 7: Select the Menuhax_Manager application and choose the 3rd option, Configure/Check Haxx Trigger. Select Type 1 (Recommended) if you want the 3DS to boot to the Home Menu first, or Type 2 to let the 3DS boot into HBL directly after power on.
Step 8: It will now ask you to select which button(s) you want to trigger the Type 1 or Type 2 effect. You may choose any button combination, but for ease of use, we recommend holding down R (Right Shoulder button) and then tapping the bottom touch screen. This will save the configuration file.
Step 9: Back on the main Manuhax_Manager screen (press B to go back a menu), select the Install option and let it configure your 3DS. You will get an installation successful message.
Step 10: Power off your 3DS. If you selected Type 1 Installation, power your 3DS back on while holding R (or the button(s) you chose) and, after a few moments, it should boot into HBL (Some screen artifacting and text output is completely normal during the boot process).
If you selected Type 2 Installation, powering on your 3DS will boot directly to HBL. If you need to return to your sysNAND Home Screen, hold down R (or the button(s) you chose) while powering on the system.
Step 11: Select the Gateway Launcher from the HBL list and you will boot into the Gateway Menu (by holding L) or directly into emuNAND if it was previously configured

Using Cheats / Mode / Language Override
Step 1: Copy the Cheats folder from the Gateway zip file into the Red Cart MicroSD card.
Step 2: Once booted into Gateway Mode, press Select to bring up the ROM selection menu. From here, press the UP key and you will have access to override the language (Great for forcing a particular language if you are playing out-of-region games!), switch modes, and enabling the Cheat Menu.
Step 3: Select the language you want (or leave it on AUTO) and change the “Ingame Menu Button” from “OFF” to one of the pre-set key combination (or you can choose your own) then press B. It is not necessary to select a ROM from the list if you plan to play a .cia based game.
Step 4: Launch your desired ROM or .cia based game and test the In-Game Menu by pressing your chosen key combination. Keep in mind, most of the Cheat functions require free space on the mSD card inserted into the Gateway Red cart.
You now have several options. You can either create your own cheats by searching and modifying the desired value, or you can download pre-made Cheat Lists for specific games. Both can be entered and modified from within the In-Game Menu and saved directly to the SD card!
Mode Descriptions:
GATEWAY – Select button replaces Game Slot on Home Menu with selected ROM file
CLASSIC – Retail cartridge can be used in Game Slot with sysNAND’s default save encryption
CLASSIC 7.X- – Retail cartridge can be used with Forced < 7.x Save Encryption
CLASSIC 7.x+ – Retail cartridge can be used with Forced > 7.x Save Encryption
Editor Controls:
X – Edit Selected Cheat / Add Search Hit to Cheat List
Y – Delete Selected Cheat
Start – Save Code List as a New Cheat to Gateway mSD
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Re: Enter the Gateway Menu with Menuhax + Homebrew Launcher

Post by Oakleigh » Mon Jun 27, 2022 3:16 am

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