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Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:55 am
by 0z3ds
Now GATEWAY 4.0B PRIVATE BETA has been disclosed. The GATEWAY4.0 mainly increase bootloader installation features of A9LH.Believe many player are familiar with A9LH.Then you must want to know how to install A9LH and enter the system directly after powering.This post will introduce it. But it’s just the personal testing, so you need to try with cautious.

1. 3DS(old/new3ds、3dsll、3dsxl) suitable for 9.x-10.7
SD card(remaining space over 4gb)
2. know how to load hbl
3. one Gateway3ds flashcart
4. GATEWAY 4.0 firmware zip
5. 3DS downgrade firmware zip

A GW downgrade

Step1: unzip the GATEWAY 4.0 as below picture


Copy the file of Console SD into SD card of 3DS.

Copy the file of Red Card uSD into TF card of GW red card.

Note: Pls ensure you can enter hbl. There is a boot.3ds file in the Console SD, which is the downgrade program of GW. Copy it into SD card of 3DS and cover the original boot.3ds in the SD card. Also copy the launcher.dat (installation program of A9LH is included in it) into SD card of 3DS.

Step2: Copy the system firmware corresponding with 3DS into the SD card. Take old Japanese 3ds for example. So copy tm_o3ds_jap.bin into it.


Step3: Boot downgrade program of GW as per the method of entering hbl. It will show the below picture after entering sucessfully.


Note: “perform selftest[recommended] ” means check whether the downgrade firmware is completed. Pls ensure finish it before downgrading. The balance mean version number of upgrade/downgrade system. Maybe what you see is not totally the same as the picture. Because my 3DS is 9.2. If your 3DS is over 9.2, it will show [downgrade] 9.2.0-20J instead of [current] 9.2.0-20J. Pls ensure fully charged before downgrading. If you use new 3DS, also ensure open Wifi.

Step4: Choose 9.2.0-20J and start to downgrade.


Pls don’t Cut off the power during downgrading. It will point close after finishing.


B Backup NAND

The method of old3DS and new 3DS are different.

old3DS as belows

Step1: Open 3DS after finishing the downgrade. Open Browser after setting and enter in it. Then you can enter into the GW menu and move to “backup system nand” with Arrows key.


Step2: Press A and Start key, then you can backup NAND.



Step3: Then pull out the SD card and you will see NAND.bin. It is the backup NAND. If the file is less than 900M, it basically means it’s broken. You can backup again after checking the balance spare of SD card. Then copy the NAND.bin into your CP.


Note: pls don’t cut the power during backup and close power after finishing.

C Install A9LH

The method of old 3D and new 3DS are different.

The below is the method of old 3DS.

Step1: There will be risk if you downgrade it to 2.1 from 9.x directly. So we suggest upgrade it into 10.3 first. The method is the same as above downgrade except for choose [upgrade] 10.3.0-28J.



Note: Pls don’t Cut off the power during upgrading. It will point close after finishing.

Step2: Enter the downgrade program as above. Choose [downgrade] 2.1.0J. Then the 3DS will come back to the old system. After finishing the downgrade, close the 3DS, then open and enter into System Settings. If it shows the ver 2.1.0-4J, it means you downgrade sucessfully.


Step3: Enter browser and enter, then move to A9LH INSTALLER with Arrows key. Then Press A and Start key, the it begin to install A9LH. Note: Pls don’t cut off power during installation. Close the power after finishing.
You can enter into GW menu directly in the future.



The below is the method of new 3DS.

We don’t have new 3DS at hand. So the below method is based on experience of GW instruction. We don’t try it in person. Pls try it with caution.

Step1: Download into 9.2 as per above, then Backup NAND.

Step2: Make a virtual system. Pls backup the file in TF card into CP before making virtual system.

Step3: Enter GW menu, move to FORMAT EMUNAND, Press A and Start key, then you can begin to make virtual system. Pls don’t cut off the power during making the virtual system. After finishing the virtual system, copy the previous backup file in TF card to TF card.


Step4: Copy the Gateway_TM.3ds in GW4.0 firmware to TF card.

Step5: Insert the GW into new 3DS. Then it can enter GW mode automatically.

Note: After entering the GW mode, you need to set WIFI and open WIFI. Pls ensure it can connect the Internet. It’s very important. Or it will be damage.

Step6: Press select and show below menu.


Step7: choose GATEWAY 3DS time Machine and run it. Then it start to downgrade. Close after finishing.


Here, you will find that we just downgrade the virtual system. The real system is still normal. pls continue to the following steps.

Step8: open 3DS again and enter GW menu. Move to A9LH INSTALLER. Press A to continue. Then it will transfer the downgraded virtual system to real system.


It is the real Brush step. Pls be cautious.

Step9: Close the new 3DS and pull out TF card. Then delete Nintendo 3DS. Copy backup NAND.bin into TF card.

Step10: Open 3DS, you will find that it has been downgrade 2.1. Then enter browser and enter, then enter into GW menu.


Step11: Choose A9LH INSTALLER and Press A to install A9LH. Then it is installed sucessfully.

Note: Pls don’t Cut off the power during installation.

some Emergency method
If the power is cut off or deadlock suddenly during downgrade,but it can be restarted and can’t enter into any crack system. Pls don’t be hurry. We’ve met the situation. You can use genuine card which can upgrade to 9.x. The system upgrade firmware is included into the genuine card. Then recover the system to normal. Then you can try to continue to downgrade.

Note: The above is just the personal experience. You’d better not try if you’re not familiar with the operation or worry failure.