The freeShop for the 3DS

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The freeShop for the 3DS

Post by hackinformer » Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:15 pm

This homebrew is just like it says FreeShop. This only works if you have CFW on the 3ds.


You will need these two homebrews.

encTitleKeysUpdater.v1.1. ... r/releases

freeShop-2.1.1. ... -2.1.1.cia

Once you install them on the 3DS, you will need to run encTitleKeysUpdater first as it will create the enctitlekeys.bin in the sd:/freeShop/ directory. If you don't install the enctitlekeys and launch the freeShop it will be blank like the picture below.


Now if you do everything right and launch the freeShop it will look like this.


Now some of the game may fail as they either have been taken down but for the most part a lot of them are here.
Just like to thank LameNobody for pointing out this homebrew.


Change log:

Fake "sleep mode" only disables top screen (at least for now)

HTTP is a bit more stable. For example, you can now close the console into sleep mode and it will suspend the download and resume when it wakes up. You should also be able to disable wifi in the middle of the install and it will wait for wifi to return.


(#30) Bug that caused failure on most games > 2GB

Some crashes when canceling large install

Download freeShop ver:1.2.2 ... -1.2.2.cia


To activate it, go to freeshop>settings>update

You must scan the enctitlekeys.bin qr code on or manually input it's URL like this for it to update the encTitleKeys.

Download: freeShop-2.1.1.cia
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Re: The freeShop for the 3DS

Post by Digibayes » Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:28 am

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