Horizon Forbidden West Modded Starter Save [CUSA24705]

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Horizon Forbidden West Modded Starter Save [CUSA24705]

Post by XxUnkn0wnxX » Tue Dec 13, 2022 1:06 pm

HFW Starter Save V1.00 (40k|31k) [CUSA24705] (XxUnkn0wnxX):
MediaFire | HFW Starter Save V1.00 (40k|31k) [CUSA24705] (XxUnkn0wnxX)
Mega.nz | HFW Starter Save V1.00 (40k|31k) [CUSA24705] (XxUnkn0wnxX)

This is a Lightly Modded save, no infinite anything, just resources that's all.
weaves, coils, potions, ammo etc you have to find/craft still.

Stash resources set to around 40k, Inventory set to 31k, Money (Scrap) 2147400000
Character is at Lvl 6, with around 380+ Skill points.
Quest Start point: The Embassy
Save is trophy friendly.

This is NOT a NG+ save with all gear etc

I made this for myself initially, as I wanted a more streamlined experience without spamming unlimited ammo nonstop.

Save Contains:

Code: Select all

Crystal Braiding
Echo Shell
Machine Muscle
Metal Bone
Piercing Spike
Volatile Sludge
Azure Bloom
Crimson Bloom
Golden Bloom
Midnight Bloom
Pale Bloom
Verdant Bloom
Bird Meat
Bitter Leaf
Coldwater Fish
Crunchy Scorpion
Crunchy Spikestalk
Deepwater Kindle Weed Oil
Desert Bird Wing
Desert Reptile Meat
Eastern Beast Rib
Freshwater Fish
Frostriver Frond
Goldthorn Pepper
Jungle Bird Wing
Mountain Mutton
Redthorn Pepper
Rich Meat
Riverbloom Leaf
Saltwater Fish
Seabird Thigh
Shellfish Claw
Southern Beast Haunch
Whole Snowbird
Wild Beans
Wild Meat
Winter Paleberry
Eastern Bird Wing
Seabrine Stem
Spikestalk Stew
Wings Of The Ten
Apex Behemoth Heart
Apex Clamberjaw Heart
Apex Dreadwing Heart
Apex Elemental Clawstrider Heart
Apex Fireclaw Heart
Apex Frostclaw Heart
Apex Ravager Heart
Apex Rockbreaker Heart
Apex Scorcher Heart
Apex Slaughterspine Heart
Apex Slitherfang Heart
Apex Snapmaw Heart
Apex Stalker Heart
Apex Stormbird Heart
Apex Thunderjaw Heart
Apex Tideripper Heart
Apex Tremortusk Heart
Behemoth Circulator
Behemoth Primary Nerve
Bellowback Circulator
Bellowback Primary Nerve
Braided Wire
Bristleback Circulator
Bristleback Primary Nerve
Burrower Circulator
Burrower Primary Nerve
Canister Burrower Circulator
Canister Burrower Primary Nerve
Charger Circulator
Charger Primary Nerve
Clamberjaw Circulator
Clamberjaw Primary Nerve
Clawstrider Circulator
Clawstrider Primary Nerve
Dreadwing Circulator
Dreadwing Primary Nerve
Elemental Clawstrider Circulator
Elemental Clawstrider Primary Nerve
Fanghorn Circulator
Fanghorn Primary Nerve
Fireclaw Circulator
Fireclaw Primary Nerve
Frostclaw Circulator
Frostclaw Primary Nerve
Glinthawk Circulator
Glinthawk Primary Nerve
Grazer Circulator
Grazer Primary Nerve
Lancehorn Circulator
Lancehorn Primary Nerve
Large Machine Core
Leaplasher Circulator
Leaplasher Primary Nerve
Longleg Circulator
Longleg Primary Nerve
Luminous Brainstem
Medium Machine Core
Plowhorn Circulator
Plowhorn Primary Nerve
Processed Metal Block
Ravager Circulator
Ravager Primary Nerve
Redeye Watcher Circulator
Redeye Watcher Primary Nerve
Rockbreaker Circulator
Rockbreaker Primary Nerve
Rollerback Circulator
Rollerback Primary Nerve
Scorcher Circulator
Scorcher Primary Nerve
Scrapper Circulator
Scrapper Primary Nerve
Scrounger Circulator
Scrounger Primary Nerve
Shell-Walker Circulator
Shell-Walker Primary Nerve
Shellsnapper Circulator
Shellsnapper Primary Nerve
Skydrifter Circulator
Skydrifter Primary Nerve
Slaughterspine Circulator
Slaughterspine Primary Nerve
Slitherfang Circulator
Slitherfang Primary Nerve
Small Machine Core
Snapmaw Circulator
Snapmaw Primary Nerve
Spikesnout Circulator
Spikesnout Primary Nerve
Stalker Circulator
Stalker Primary Nerve
Stormbird Circulator
Stormbird Primary Nerve
Sturdy Hardplate
Sunwing Circulator
Sunwing Primary Nerve
Thunderjaw Circulator
Thunderjaw Primary Nerve
Tideripper Circulator
Tideripper Primary Nerve
Tracker Burrower Circulator
Tracker Burrower Primary Nerve
Tremortusk Circulator
Tremortusk Primary Nerve
Widemaw Circulator
Widemaw Primary Nerve
Greenshine Chunk
Greenshine Cluster
Greenshine Fragment
Greenshine Slab
Greenshine Sliver
Medicinal Berry
Behemoth Force Loader
Bellowback Sac Webbing
Bristleback Tusk
Burrower Soudshell
Charger Horn
Clamberjaw Tail Duster
Clawstrider Razor Tail
Dreadwing Metal Fang
Elemental Clawstrider Sac Webbing
Fanghorn Antler
Fireclaw Sac Webbing
Frostclaw Sac Webbing
Glinthawk Beak
Grazer Rotor Horn
LanceHorn Drill Horn
Leaplasher Spark Coil
Longleg Wing Burner
Plowhorn Horn
Rockbreaker Mining Claw
Rollerback Hammer Tail
Scorcher Scanning Ear
Scrapper Radar
Scrapper Spark Coil
Scrounger Spark Coil
Shell Walker Lightning Gun
Shellsnapper Shell Bolt
Skydrifter Razor Tail
Slitherfang Earthgrinder
Snapmaw Sac Webbing
Spikesnout Sac Webbing
Stalker Mine Launcher
Stalker Stealth Generator
Stormbird Storm Cannon
Sunwing Shield Caster
Thunderjaw Tail
Tideripper Tail Fin
Tremortusk Tusk
Widemaw Tusk
Metal Scrap
Bass Bone
Bass Skin
Bighorn Sheep Bone
Bighorn Sheep Hide
Boar Bone
Boar Hide
Carp Bone
Carp Skin
Crab Shell
Duck Feather
Duck WIshbone
Fox Bone
Fox Hide
Goose Feather
Goose Wishbone
Gull Feather
Gull Wishbone
Horned Lizard Bone
Horned Lizard Skin
Iredescent Crab Shell
Iridescent Lobster Shell
Jay Feather
Jay Wishbone
Lobster Shell
Moonfish Bone
Moonfish Skin
Owl Feather
Owl WIshbone
Peccary Bone
Peccary Hide
Pelican Feather
Pelican Wishbone
Prairie Dog Bone
Prairie Dog Hide
Rabbit Bone
Rabbit Hide
Raccoon Bone
Raccoon Hide
Salmon Bone
Salmon Skin
Squirrel Bone
Squirrel Hide
Vulture Feather
Vulture Wishbone
Shimmering Scale
Ancient Black Bracelet
Ancient Bright Bracelet
Ancient Chimes
Ancient Metal Eye
Ancient Necklace
Ancient Ring
Ancient Sculpture
Ancient Toothpick
Ancient Wreath
Apex Bellowback Heart
Apex Bristleback Heart
Apex Burrower Heart
Apex Canister Burrower Heart
Apex Clawstrider Heart
Apex Glinthawk Heart
Apex Grazer Heart
Apex Lancehorn Heart
Apex Leaplasher Heart
Apex Longleg Heart
Apex Plowhorn Heart
Apex Redeye Watcher Heart
Apex Rollerback Heart
Apex Scrapper Heart
Apex Scrounger Heart
Apex Shell Walker Heart
Apex Shellsnapper Heart
Apex Skydrifter Heart
Apex Spikesnout Heart
Apex Sunwing Heart
Apex Tracker Burrower Heart
Apex Widemaw Heart
Blighted Meat
Bright Feather
Bronze Ingot
Corruptor Circulator
Gold Ingot
Iridescent Claw
Iron Ingot
Patterned Shell
Pristine Skull
Pristine Tooth
Silver Ingot
Metal Fertilizer Pod
Fast Travel Pack
Smoke Bomb
Arena Medal
Hunting Medal
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Re: Horizon Forbidden West Modded Starter Save [CUSA24705]

Post by aaronramsdale » Sat Jan 14, 2023 4:49 am

I have recently used this Lightly Modded and I'm very satisfied with how it works in the game. capybara clicker
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Re: Horizon Forbidden West Modded Starter Save [CUSA24705]

Post by Billie34 » Mon Jun 05, 2023 2:12 pm

It's great, thanks for sharing Lego 2k drive
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Re: Horizon Forbidden West Modded Starter Save [CUSA24705]

Post by jendy » Fri Jun 09, 2023 7:10 am

Creating a bar counter with your own hands chess online can be an exciting and fulfilling project for those who enjoy DIY endeavors.
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Re: Horizon Forbidden West Modded Starter Save [CUSA24705]

Post by Andreaa23 » Mon Oct 02, 2023 6:51 am

There are better saves on the site with more Drift Boss weapons and costumes.
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