Retroarch switch/Overclock/Mupen64plus compatibility for

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Retroarch switch/Overclock/Mupen64plus compatibility for

Post by Madgear8282 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:14 pm

We just got a update from the Libretto team that now includes overclock modes in retroarch for the switch .So I thought I make a compatibility list for games that runs well with the required overclock settings for Mupen64Plus aka N64 emulator-please feel free to add games and the overclock setting you used. Overclock at your own your risk.

There have been a lot of comments about the inaccurate of these games I posted up.I ran these games on the exact overclock settings you see below.I’am running 6.0.0 and I am using SX pro if that matters and my install is a NSP file -u can find that below. I am running retroach in xmb mode. I am using the retroach nightie dated 12-2

Retroarch Nsp!ONJRHK5Q!Ofm_-7CfJIkV ... rz9iy9yBnI

Tips: Mupen64Plus needs a bit more juice for most games. In addition, turn off framebuffer emulation in the core settings. Make sure threaded video is on.

[Retroarch 1.7.5 with overclock for the Switch] ... tch/libnx/

WWF No mercy/Good,frame rate drops when more then two characters is onscreen /Overclock-1785

Road rash 64/Excellent/Overclock 1581,1785mhz

Zelda:Majora mask/Excellent/Overclock-1224

Zelda:Ocarina of time/Excellent/Overclock-1581

Wrestlemania 2000/Excellent/Overclock-1785

Turok:Dino Hunter/Excellent/Overclock-1224

Mario Tennis/Ok,little slowdown Overclock-1785

Conker bad fur day/A little near 100%,graphical errors/Overclock-1785

1080 snowboarding/Good/Overclock-1785

Cruis’n world/Good/Overclock-1785

Cruis’n USA/Ok,little slowdown/Overclock-1785

Batman Beyond/Excellent/Overclock-1581

Goldeneye 007/Slowdown/Overclock-1785

Kirby 64/Excellent/Overclock-1020

Chameleon twist/Excellent,go to options put player 1 pack to none/Overclocked -1020

Diddy Kong racing/Excellent/Overclock 1581,1785

Doom 64/Excellent/Overclock-1785

Mario kart/Excellent/Overclock-1785

Pokémon snap/Excellent/Overclock-1224

F-Zero X/Excellent/Overclock-1785

Harvest moon 64/Choppy/Overclock- doesn’t matter much

Paper mario 64/good,some graphic problems in certain parts/Overclock-1581

Starfox 64/excellent speed but graphics too choppy and messed up to play/Doesn’t matter the Overclock level

Pilot wings 64/Slow,choppy sound/Doesnt matter the Overclock level.

Pokémon stadium/graphical issues,excellent speed/Overclock-1785

Pokémon stadium 2/Excellent,little sound issues/Overclock-1785

Yoshi Story/Almost 100% playable/Overclock -1785

Banjo Koozie/Almost Excellent, some slowdown in certain areas/Overclock-1785

Mario 64/Excellent/Overclock-1785,1581,1224

Quest 64/Excellent/Overclock 714-1020mhz

Wwf warzone/Excellent/Overclock-1020mhz
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