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[Release] PsvPbootBubbleMaker2 (Easy And Fast)

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:11 pm
by lalalanno
a few month a go we already released app call Psvhomebrewbubblemaker but it still need some scripts and some code to make homebrew bubble work but now we have make a new app call PsvPbootBubbleMaker2 that really usefull and different . so let try :lol:

How it Works ?

#0 First download tool and extract it and move it to C:/ Directory it should be (C:/PsvPbootBubbleMaker2) Don't delete or Rename Folder.
#1 DragNDrop your EBOOT.PBP homebrew or EBOOT.PBP that you want to make a PBOOT.PBP to the TextBox .
#2 DragNDrop your Image to the Textbox .
#3 Type your new Bubble ID for your PBOOT.PBP .
#4 Click Setup and wait a few second (and That's it how you can make your own PBOOT.PBP Homebrew ^^ )

Image :

Information About This Tool :

Yes it made a PBOOT.PBP when you put your EBOOT.PBP to this tool it will make a PBOOT.PBP for you and automatically write PARAM.SFO name and automatically resize your image to right size of your bubble game.

Download Link : PsvPbootBubbleMaker2 :

if you guys like or love my work you can donate me here :
if you have any suggestion let comment below or email me (

Re: [Release] PsvPbootBubbleMaker2 (Easy And Fast)

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:41 pm
by Dark_Elexir
Thank u man for this awesome tutorial and the video is perfect !