Remove game from “installed” n64 emulator

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Remove game from “installed” n64 emulator

Post by Duhjoker » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:05 am

Hi guys

I wanted to install Starwars: Rogue Squadron but when ever i go to play the game it just goes to a black screen and locks up the emulator.

I would like to remove the game from the list but i cant seem to figure out how. Im using the emulators that have to be installed and packed using winrar.

Ive tried removing the game from the winrar file and reinstalling it but it still shows up. Ivevtried removing the emulator from the vhbl but i cant figure out how.

Is there any way to fix this with out removing the vhbl and re-installing every thing. I already have save files in other emulators and that would cause me great pain to have to re-install and start over.

I also tried copying the emulators back to the PC but that gives me errors
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