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Phalaris Suite

Post by Berion » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:53 pm

What is this?
"Phalaris Suite" is bunch of themes, backgrounds, icons etc. for several PlayStation Vita apps. Goal of this project is making as much as possible consistent environment.

All graphics are my intellectual property, so please, don't use it in your projects without permission.
Exception from this rule are of course fonts (Roboto) and two wallpapers from which I made Phalaris Nebula background (authors unknown). Also I have used services icons from published promotional materials (like PlayStation Store or Unity logo). For Vitaident appmeta I have used great background taken from

Be careful and don't mislead "ux0:/" with "ur0:/" and "exampledir/" is not the same as "exampledir". ;)

Code: Select all

1. Copy "/VitaShell/Phalaris Shell" to "ux0:/VitaShell/theme/".
2. Change theme param in "ux0:/VitaShell/theme/theme.txt":
	to	  "THEME_NAME = "Phalaris Shell".

3. Copy "/LiveArea/Phalaris Nebula" to "ux0:/customthemes/".
4. Write chosen theme to Vita database using i.e Custom Theme Manager.
5. Go to Settings app and choose Nebula Phalaris from the list.

6. Make backup of "ur0:/appmeta" folder.
7. Copy "/LiveArea/appmeta/" to "ur0:/appmeta/".
8. Restart console to take effect.
Special Thanks
  • For all hackers who worked hard restoring user control over bought device!
  • For Szczuru which takes screenshots from Vita (I have only PSTV) and some tests.
  • For HackInformer admin who let me use they background in one of the appmeta themes.
Thank you for your attention and enjoy. ^^
>> Download <<
preview VitaShell (1).jpg
preview VitaShell (1).jpg (110.91 KiB) Viewed 3502 times
preview LiveArea AppMeta (MLCL00001).jpg
preview LiveArea AppMeta (MLCL00001).jpg (59.6 KiB) Viewed 3502 times
preview Live Area (system apps).jpg
preview Live Area (system apps).jpg (98.25 KiB) Viewed 3502 times
preview Live Area (homebrew).jpg
preview Live Area (homebrew).jpg (107.31 KiB) Viewed 3502 times
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