[Update v1.6]The Frozen Throne [Icecrown Citadel TD

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[Update v1.6]The Frozen Throne [Icecrown Citadel TD

Post by lalalanno » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:16 pm

hi everyone is me lalalanno and i just made game call the frozen throne TD Tower Defence , The story about this game is talking about The Undead Try to Attack or move into the Frozen Throne and you need to protect your Prozen throne ^^ i think it pretty bored in this game but anyway if you have any suggestion please let me know it :D

Download Link : http://viahold.com/co7 Update 6 Time Now

How To Play ?

#1 firstable you need to buy the tower defence from store below setting
#2 you can upgrade your tower defence with Global button. hope you guys enjoy this game.

Log :

Update more Tower Damage ;
Update more Tower Defense;
Update Map Enviroment;
Update Undead healthBar;
Update ShowMoney After You killed Undead;
Update CrystalBag and it will give you a money after you click on it ^^;

Thank you so much for all of your suggestion i'll here forever you guys are the best ;
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