Steam Streaming

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Steam Streaming

Post by Naha09 » Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:13 pm

If you haven't had the opportuinity to try out Steam streaming yet then clear your schedule and try this now.

This will require 2 PCs "your PC specs will vary with your experience"
  • client will be the PC that plays games remotely.
  • server will be the PC that games are installed on.
  1. Head over to Steam.
  2. Create a Steam account it's free.
  3. Download, install, sign into Steam's desktop application here on both PCs.
  4. Download/ install any game from Steam to the PC you'd like to use as the server I recommend a free game for this to test your setup.
  5. Then go to library on the client PC, select the game you just downloaded on your server PC and click stream.
If all went well you should be playing your favorite games anywhere in your house.

If you liked this tutorial and want to see more leave a comment and share.

You should try clicking the Big Picture Mode at the top right corner of steam
My current build is on Mac mini 2012 i5, 16gb ram, 500gb hdd, intel 4000gpu/ bootcamp Windows 10 Steam UI
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