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Problem triying to translate Steins;Gate to Spanish

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:03 am
by Z3R0N3
Hello guys!

I have a problem,

I wanted to make a translation to Spanish of the game Steins;Gate for PSP or PS Vita (I know we have the translation to others plataforms, thanks), I tried the RikuKH3 script (, translating the prologue, creating the SG00_01.BIN, once I put it back in SCENE0.AFS and this in turn, in DATA0.AFS (using PuyoTools), and with UMDGen(ISO used, STEINS;GATE ULJM05887) Putting it back and generating an ISO, when trying to start the game, is left with the screen in black,

does anyone know the right steps to perfectly works, or if you try it works (even if only with the prolog script)?

Thanks for your attention!