Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Root and Recovery Tutorial

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Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Root and Recovery Tutorial

Post by 8BitBang » Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:42 am


Our friend Darkamon @roccocannale has a nice review of the samsung galaxy s6 and paired with this root it turns into a very sick device to own.

Check it out ... y-s6-edge/



Locate your model

Sprint ... 925PZKESPR

Find your model and download the appropriate build

For Sprint S6 Edge Users (SM-G925P):

Use the tmobile file! This has been tested and works great!!!! Verified by XDA User dhonzik & Hackinformer Blogger Most Unclean

Note that the stock kernel currently has an issue preventing the device from going into "deep sleep" if a custom recovery is flashed (which is what this does). A fix for this issue can be found here:!6tAEQYoI!s8VWxFlYkLQM ... swvRD32Twk. This fix will also work if you replace the recovery with for example TWRP. It still requires you are rooted with SuperSU though. If not, flashing back stock kernel and stock recovery with ODIN will still fix the deep sleep issue.If using SuperSU, copy/paste this into an ADB shell, it'll reboot your device, and the problem will be fixed. You might need to grant permissions on-screen after the first line.


mount -o rw,remount /system /system
mkdir /system/su.d
chmod 0700 /system/su.d
echo "#!/tmp-mksh/tmp-mksh" > /system/su.d/000000deepsleep
echo "echo 'temporary none' > /sys/class/scsi_disk/0:0:0:1/cache_type" >> /system/su.d/000000deepsleep
echo "echo 'temporary none' > /sys/class/scsi_disk/0:0:0:2/cache_type" >> /system/su.d/000000deepsleep
chmod 0700 /system/su.d/000000deepsleep



   1. Download CF Auto file (According to your model) and extract it.

   Notes: If you have extracted twice, then you will get recovery.img and cache.img file. But you have to get .tar.md5 file and don’t extract the file.

   2. Disconnect the mobile device form the computer

   3. Run Odin 3.10.exe (CF Auto Root Should include Odin and Download Odin 3.10 if you don’t have it)

   4. Click AP/PDA and select tar.md5 file. (Double Check if you have the correct Build)

   5. Turn of the device. Then press and hold Power+ Home +Volume Down buttons to enable “Download Mode”.
   Then connect Galaxy S6 to PC.

   6. Make sure that you haven’t enable Repartition.

   7. Click Start button and there start Samsung Galaxy S6 rooting.
   During the CF auto root Galaxy S6 rooting, S6 may reboot.

   8. Finally you can see SuperSU app installed in Galaxy S6. Android SuperSU supports installing any app, need the root access. Normally after the rooting any android device reboots to recovery mode. Unless you have to reboot Samsung Galaxy S6 to recovery mode manually.

Courtesy of Most Unclean


1. Leave Auto reboot and F. Reset Time checked

2. Absolutely do not check repartition

3. Click AP/PDA

4. Navigate to the recovery.tar

5. Click Start

6. Hold down the home and volume up button when it reboots
Rinse and repeat if TWRP does not install

(Turn device off then press and hold Power+ Home +Volume Down buttons to enable TWRP Recovery)


Once your done with all the steps make a Nandroid Backup by booting into TWRP and selecting the Backup Option. This video will help you with making a backup and how to restore using your backup

All work was made possible by ChainFire and dhonzik! Give them a donation for all their hard work!!!!
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