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iSSB Mod

Post by Naha09 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:28 am

Hi all lately I've been playing iSSB for iOS and like many I hope something new would come out I too get restless with updates to something unfinished. I said to myself do something and it may only be a few graphical mods to start but I have been able to dive deeper into the game system and add my own characters such as Goku. I saw potential in this game from the start and this game deserves way more attention than it got My goal is to create a new roster.

Current Goals:

Roster over 7 characters would love to see 32+
Dedicated items per character Goku = Sensu Bean-life, Charizard = Mega Stone-Power-up/Evolve
Online multiplayer
Controller support DS4, Arcade game pads
Character Skins as a progressive update
Option for HD skins On/Off
Boss fights
VS. Mode 2v2 Brawler

If you like this game share some ideas with me I'm no programmer but would like to see iSSB stay alive or turn into something entirely new.

I need someone who has knowledge with creating sprites
Translations possibly?

test demo files keep in mind I hold no ownership to anything in the test demo and yes it is super early and not much has changed but the menu.

Currently working on all iPhone models 8.0+, tested on 9.0+/iPhone 6s
I still haven't had time to add animations this is just the version twitter is asking for anyone with some spare time wants to help with the sprites let me know on twitter.

fixing cydia issues -.DEB - Cydia .deb[/url]
SmashBros 2 .IPA - use appcake to install on jailbroken devices.





Wanna see some progress follow me on twitter @Naha09
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