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Transformers Age of Extinction: The new tie-in will be a combat runner F2P

Posted: Wed May 14, 2014 9:45 am
by 666darkamon666
In the next Transformers movie we will see Optimus Prime ride Grimlock the T-rex Transformer (sure, as if it were possible XD).
That is enough to buy a ticket and enjoy it, because you know, the plot is not the focus of this kind of movie.
However, apparently on the screens of our Android we can enjoy a classic tie-in, as we can see in the first screenshot, it could demonstrate some potential, although it will be more of a hobby than a real "game exciting."
Image Image Image
It will, as mentioned in the title, a runner combat free-to-play (free with in-app purchases), or an endless running game in style, probably set in patterns, in which, however, we must also fight over who avoid obstacles . Then a title along the lines of Dark Lands or Colossus Escape, just to name a few. At the moment we only have a few screenshots of Transformers: Age of Extinction to show you: in all likelihood the game will be available on Google Play from the end of June, as the motion picture film should arrive in theaters on June 27. By registering on the official website (click here) you will receive an object tribute to the game's launch.

Stay Tuned

Ps. This is my first article in english, i'm Italian and i usually write on italian sites. Sorry if i write in a very bad grammatical form. :angel: