Several Tips for Torchlight Infinite Beginners – Section Two

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Several Tips for Torchlight Infinite Beginners – Section Two

Post by Ansley3344 » Mon Nov 21, 2022 7:17 am

This article original appeared on MmoGah

Last week, we shared some tips for Torchlight Infinite beginners. This time, we will continue with the series by introducing three more.

It Will Be Best If You Boost Your Energy Level
To equip skills, you need to have a huge spool of energy which you get by default every time when you level up. The good thing about energy is that you can reallocate them to the active and passive skills which you intend to focus on without consuming another type of resource.

Using Suitable Gear
Empowering your equipment is the most efficient way to gain this energy resource. Consider swapping gear if you might accidentally wield the ones that provide you with limited energy.

Crafting Gear with the Help of the Arms Dealer
High-value equipment starting at level 45 already has corresponding energy values, but sometimes a good piece of gear may not have a high amount of energy. Though that, you can still raise its energy by empowering the gear itself via the Arms Dealer. Otherwise, you won't have enough energy to activate many skills simultaneously.

Getting Enough Energy Gores
Note that you'll need Energy Cores when rolling for new energy values in Torchlight Infinite. These are usually obtained from mobs, so you can keep hoarding them until you find the gear that's right for your build.

It Will Be Best If You Know Ways to Counteract Sealed Mana's Adverse Effect
Speaking of skills, Torchlight Infinite features a sealed Mana mechanic specifically for some passive and support skills. With this mechanic, what happens here? A portion of your mana is blocked off, and thereby it is reducing your total available mana. But there are ways to mitigate this.

Using More Skills to Disperse the Adverse Effect
One way is to equip three or four skills without the Mana restrictions. It will be best to link skills to triggering skills that can consume mana automatically. As such, they are added to the overall computation of Sealed Mana and then leave enough mana.

Getting Restoration with Talent Nodes
Having 30 to 40 percent of Sealed Mana resources is fine since you can generate mana quickly upon investing in medium talent nodes. These nodes grant restoration on hit while sometimes increasing the talent capacity.

Getting Pactspirits to Increase Items' Drop Rate
Furthermore, it would help if you got Pactspirit which grants mana restoration perks allowing you to freely increase Sealed Mana without limiting your character's capabilities.

It Will Be Best If You Hoard Some Colored Equipment
When storing high-valued items such as purple, orange, and pink gear in your inventory, you can exchange them for Torchlight Infinite flame residue to save flame dust or sand .

These are the resources you'll heavily use for enchanting and crafting once you know the equipment to use later on. When your bag is full, you only need to approach a trader to trade your gear for flame residue, which should be available on most maps next to the teleportation waypoints.

Furthermore, remember that you can collect different types of gear, which are not necessarily restricted to the class you are currently playing. As such, you can choose to share these with the rest of your characters. If they are all on a single account, remember to access the universal inventory by speaking with the space-time Wanderer NPC in town to transfer gear.
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