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VHBL HENkaku & EML Compatible Update Released

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:42 pm

First FTP PBOOT.PBP (it now looks for PSP/VHBL for apps not PSP/GAME) into PSP base game of your choice. As of FW 3.60 only LocoRoco Midnight Carnival and Petz Saddle Club are the only two working free PSP demo's one can still get from NA PSN. I used Talkman Tokyo as it is only 18mb and I owned the game. This is an unrestricted PBOOT so works for demo's, mini's and full games. Has been edited to install homebrew into PSP/VHBL which will allow you to create gamesaves for emu's like gPSP. While we can write freely using HENkaku via FTP the apps inside PSP/GAME where most guides are set to run from using HENkaku can but not apps/emu's thus kinda making them utterly pointless so this remedies all those issues.

NA PSN Games

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival (DEMO) 187mb - NPUG80318
Petz Saddle Club (DEMO) - NPUH90024
Talkman Tokyo (18mb) (requires whitelister for PSTV to run)- NPUG80155
1945 Strikers PLUS Portable (33mb) - NPUH10020
Patapon (184mb) - UCUS98711
A Space Shooter for $2 (53mb) [Yes that is the name & cost of the game] - NPUZ00190

(I have personally tested every NA PSN game listed above as a base game and are working properly)

EU PSN Games

Ape Escape (Unsure of titleID but it is a free demo)

Now once you have FTP'd the PBOOT.PBP into your game of choice fire up your flavor of CMA, I suggest QCMA. Now transfer your base game with the new PBOOT to your PC. Then transfer it back to your Vita/PSTV TWICE, yes TWICE from your PC to your system. If you only do it once get ready to start over from scratch. This removes the need to rebuild database if you are like me with a large memory card that has more apps then the Vita allows to show after rebuild.

Or if you don't care about rebuilding database just go ahead and do that now, your VHBL bubble should show up where your base game was previously was. I tried rebuild database the first time and my bubble didn't appear till I sorted my 100+ games which I find SUPER annoying.

Now we need to transfer the VHBL01234 folder and the rest of the apps inside the SAVEDATA folder I have added in this pack. A big thanks goes out to Hackinformer for providing the apps in this pack. Feel free to remove those you do not need or want from the SAVEDATA folder prior to doing this. I have found the easiest way to do this is to use FTP for this, either VitaFTP (ePSP or native Vita variants will work fine) or use Vitashell v0.7 by TheFl0w or molelecularshell to access this. Then move all files to


Or simply use your flavor of CMA (OpenCMA or QCMA) to do this but I feel FTP is the easiest method. Once this is done simply run your VHBL bubble to install your apps/emulators from within the menu. I have attempted to use 138Menu instead of the standard VHBL and it boots and even says it installs correctly but none of the apps show up. Maybe you all could have better luck then me but I will just include the standard one for now as I have tested and can confirm the apps to be working.

Well I think this about wraps all this up, if I feel an edit or update is needed or if you notice any errors please let me know so this can be addressed right away.

Thanks to wololo and all devs that contributed to VHBL
Hackinformer for the pack of ePSP software I used his pack as a base for this
Team Molecule for HENkaku
Mr. Gas & Major Tom for the EML tricks
And everyone who has contributed to the PSP & Vita/PSTV scene as we wouldn't be here without you and your hard work.

Sorry if I didn't name you by name but that list would be longer then I can imagine.


Re: VHBL HENkaku & EML Compatible Update Released

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:26 am
by SendHelp
Thanks for the support. I can tell this is gonna be awesome! :thumbup:

BUT.....when I download the RAR from mega, I can't extract any usable data. No pboot, no savedata folder, no nothing! No matter what I try, all I get is this:


Any advice you have for proper RAR extraction? Or should I rename the archive to something else and just use that?

Re: VHBL HENkaku & EML Compatible Update Released

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 5:29 pm
Weird are you using the latest WinRAR? Others have used with success. I may habe used WinRAR5 compression which I didnt mean to. I will gice it a look once I am home. Also an updated VPK install ofthe PBOOT is relessed which doesnt require CMA or a database rebuild so I may just update everything.

Re: VHBL HENkaku & EML Compatible Update Released

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:48 pm
by SendHelp
No I'm using 7zip. Probably explains everything...

Downloaded WinRAR 5 and the archive extracted as normal! Only problem is the power's out so I can't use FTP atm. But when it's back up, I'll make sure to give these files a try!

Re: VHBL HENkaku & EML Compatible Update Released

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:26 am
Yea it is due to RAR5 compression sorry.