Convert a save file from one region to another

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Convert a save file from one region to another

Post by shadowfuuk » Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:25 pm

Through this tutorial, I will explain how to convert your game's save files from a region to another one and make it compatible with the respective game.

In order to convert a save file to another region, you will need:
-The plugin sgdeemer (available here :
-A psp in CFW

Part 1: Installation

First, install sgdeemer as a plugin, then put it to enabled in the recovery .
To install a plugin, just put the .prx file named deemerh SEPLUGINS in the root folder of the Memory Stick then create (or edit the file game.txt) with this sentence:
ms0: / seplugins / deemerh .prx and enable it by adding 1 (1 means that the plugin is enabled).

Part 2: how to use

Start the game using the save you want to convert and go to save the game.
Just before initiating the save process, when the game tells you "overwrite?", press L and do not let it off until the saving process is over.
Do the same with the game of the other region that you want to convert the save to (for example I own the US and EU versions of the same game, well I do the same for both).

Part 3: conversion

1-Once the save files prepared, go to your MS in PSP, and there you will find that there is a new folder named "SAVEPLAIN", open it.

2-Inside, there are files of your saved games and they can be recognized by the ID of the game.

3-Open the folder where there is the save file you want to convert.

4-In this folder, there is a file called SDDATA.bin, copy it and put it the folder of the same game from the other region you want to convert it to (for example I took the SDDATA from a game of EU region and I put it in the folder of the same game of US region).

5-Start the psp,and then start the game that you moved the SDDATA.bin to.

6-You will be able to load the save file of the other region game, now save (by pressing L) and turn off your PSP

7-Then deactivate SGDEEMER plugin and delete the folder SAVEPLAIN.

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RE: Convert a save file from a region to another

Post by llJasonll » Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:53 pm

ummmm gamefaqs always have save data's for all the games and regions 99.9% at least why convert.
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