Torchlight Infinite Currency Guide for Beginners: Why and How to Accumulate Jagged Primocryst

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Torchlight Infinite Currency Guide for Beginners: Why and How to Accumulate Jagged Primocryst

Post by Ansley3344 » Mon Nov 28, 2022 7:43 am

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In Torchlight Infinite, you earn numerous in-game currencies. Jagged Primocryst is one of them. It glows brilliantly and is a fragment of Ember Primocryst. You would process faster if you had it in many situations like shopping or game season.

Why You Need Jagged Primocryst
Torchlight infinite is a free-to-play ARPG. Although you do not need real currency to pay, you need to use in-game currencies to progress efficiently. And Jagged Primocryst is the most common currency in the game. It stands as an important section in the economic system.

How to Accumulate Jagged Primocryst
By defeating hordes of enemies, you already gain a couple of currencies, such as Energy Cores, Jagged Primocryst, and Flame Elementium. Besides that, do you know other targeted ways to farm Jagged Primocryst?

You can acquire hundreds of Jagged Primocryst by completing specific activities listed under Merits and redeeming them. Below are some of the activities.

Path of Achievements
Under the Story, completing the main campaign for each of the classes will yield a decent amount of this currency.

When Chapter 4 is accessible, below are some quests that give the reward of 30 Jagged Primocryst.

Badlands (Berserker)
Badlands (Divineshot)
Badlands (Gemma)
Badlands (Oracle)
Badlands (Spacetime Witness)

Path of Progression
Improving your Hunter Training, Skills & Talents, and Gear Mastery can provide you with this currency.

Below are some quests that can give 20 Jagged Primocryst.

Hunter Training: Hero Level Reaches 10
Hunter Training: Raise Main Skill DPS to 2500
Hunter Training: Challenge Plane Watcher

Skills & Talents: Complete a Skill 3-Link
Skills & Talents: Equip a Curse Skill

Gear Mastery: Craft 1 gear with 1 affix
Gear Mastery: Craft 1 gear with 3 affixes
Gear Mastery: Wear Legendary gear (exclusive)
When you complete these activities, you can click the "Claim" button to get Jagged Primocryst.

What You Can Use Jagged Primocryst to Do
With enough Jagged Primocryst, you can purchase Revival tokens to revive your character fully without experiencing an XP loss.

If you want bag expansion to carry more items and universal inventory expansion to store items that your other characters can use, you can not do it without Jagged Primocryst.

Furthermore, this currency can be spent to redeem Ceremonial Insight Crystals and Insight Crystals to draw exclusive and regular Pactspirits.

Remember that Jagged Primocryst differs from Primocryst in the sense that the latter is bought with real money. Primocrysts allow you to obtain Cosmetics during the seasonal event.
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Re: Torchlight Infinite Currency Guide for Beginners: Why and How to Accumulate Jagged Primocryst

Post by Andreaa23 » Thu Oct 05, 2023 2:02 am

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