CFW 1.4

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CFW 1.4

Post by DarkenLX » Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:18 am

Version 1.4 is ready, it features the same as the 1.3 plus:
How to install: (you will need a USB keyboard)

Copy the firmware to an SD card and put it in your gamestick.
Disconnect your gamestick from the USB power.
Using your fingernail (I use a paperclip) press downward on the little button besides the USB. Alternatively, if you can, install Quickboot, and reboot into Recovery
While still pressing the button, connect the USB power and wait around 5-10 seconds, you should see the recovery screen.
Select the second option, then Sdcard, finally select the FW
it will start installing, make sure you don't power off your gamestick until it finishes!
Reboot and you should be set, I recommend after the initial setup reboot your stick once again.

Alternate Mode without a keyboard:

if you have a mouse, try flashing with that, just move the mouse VERY slowly.

you could also try this:

make a file in your SD card, where GameStickCFW-1.4-signed.img is, name it "factory_update_param.aml"

open it in notepad, or notepad++ and type in this

Code: [Select]

save the file, put the SD card into your gamestick, and disconnect the USB, now press the recovery button, and connect the USB while still being pressed, with any luck it should start flashing it file.

This should start the flashing process without using a keyboard, but please note that you will need a keyboard or mouse to do the initial setup.

"The risk of bricking is VERY small, but I guess its still possible so flash this with caution and do it under your own risk, I am not responsible if you brick your stick" :) Version 1.4 is ready, it features the same as the 1.3 plus:

Biggifi Support, only Mouse emulation is 100% working, touch, sensor and keyboard are not working as expected, maybe because of difference in android versions ,to make this work download the app from the play store and install it in your tablet or smartphone, the connect to the same Wi-Fi and it will show in your list.
several apks were removed that did nothing, some were annoying, some kept running all the time.
pre-installed apps are now easy to remove as they are no longer installed as system apps.

Download here:

MD5: bec0ca2323fcbda509b4ec4ff6aa86fb

This is a patch that adds the welcome screen, if you have the dock and want to use Ethernet this is the only way to enable it.

OOBE Patch:

just flash it in recovery and the welcome screen should popup after reboot

also, I was thinking of removing several services I Don't use (airplay, etc) as well as some extra system apps, calendar, telephone, contacts, etc. does anyone use those? should I keep them ? or remove them? I am using my stick without them, and it runs very nice.

Anyways, enjoy and let me know if you find any problems

You can always return to stock rom the same way :)

Known Issues:

Biggifi will no work on iOS client, not sure this is fixable.
Features :
see here for details :
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