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Bubble Blower 2 Issues and information

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:32 pm
by talmagal
Having trouble with bubble blower2 also have some information to add to the page. 

My issue which i cant figure out how to get around is in bubbleblower that if i make any bubble over _SCE_BUBBLE9 it gets redirected to the first bubbles homebrew iso/etc
This redirect is not dependent on game/homebrew/emulator/etc
I have only TNV installed so no interference from TNX
The bubbles are made properly following the guide on this site
Example of this is
__SCE_BUBBLE1X = Any random iso/psx/homebrew/emulator 
Any 1X bubble will redirect to PSPFILLER
__SCE_BUBBLE2X =Any random iso/psx/homebrew/emulator
Any 2X bubble will redirect to VITAFTP

Now the pattern is fairly obvious but its not limited to just that 
Ok so seeing the pattern would think its just the naming convention

So using Vitaftp transfer PBOOT.PBP 
Extracted it  and edited Param.sfo gameid to TEST12345
repacked it and moved it back to _SCE_BUBBLE1X
Renamed said folder also to TEST12345
Rebuilt database 
Same thing. Dont have the tools to decrypt and edit the DATA.PSP TO figure out if any change there would help.

Any help on this matter would be good for all.

Also on the tutorial page should add that you can have a max of 18 entries in bubbleblower before it bugs out
18 entries in the game folder none in the iso folder
If including the iso folder:
15 entries between both PSP/GAME and ISO Folder before bubbleblower bugs out

Add at the bottom if any icons for the game dont show up your bubbles will most likely not copy properly. As when ever i saw this bubbleblower would do everything but when it went to copy __sce_ebootpbp and EBOOT.PBP from your basegame it will copy a 0 byte file instead

RE: Bubble Blower 2 Issues and information

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:46 pm
by Freakler
Well the bubble blower homebrew was never in a releaseable state and therefore doesn't have those fixes for max entrys and the 9 bubble limit. In the end it is the easiest way to create custom bubbles but isn't the best solution after all because it copies the whole basegame. Also to answer your question, every PBOOT is practically the very same loader (DATA.PSP). All that matters is the correct title id and the path txt file to link to the homebrew/iso.

Anyways thanks for testing and letting us know.. I added your testings as a note to the guide :)

RE: Bubble Blower 2 Issues and information

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:45 pm
by talmagal
Any idea whether its the loader for bubble blower that causes the redirect to a different blown bubble or is it a tnv11 issue.
as the path and title id are correctly named in the pboot and livearea_path .txt

RE: Bubble Blower 2 Issues and information

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:45 am
by Freakler
Sorry no idea :/