Clear PS Vita 3.60 - what now?

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Clear PS Vita 3.60 - what now?

Post by Miichaell » Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:04 am

Few days ago I just bought used PS Vita with 3.60 FW. This is my second one, I already have PSV with latest 3.63. I don't have PS3. I have some questions, please answer me clearly, maybe there are answers somewhere, however I didn't find them...

1) Can I restore 3.63 backup from my first Vita to second one with 3.60? Or when I do this, 3.60 becomes 3.63 too? 3.60 isn't activated, so I thought this way I can do it.
2) Can I do it vice versa? 3.60 backup restore to 3.63? For example in 3.60 install ARK, Adrenaline and so on and then restore it in 3.63? I already have ARK in 3.63 from admin of this site, so I suppose it could be done somehow.
3) I installed HENKAKu on my 3.60 to internal memory. But I can't install any vpk (always error) - I suppose it is normal - it is?
4) Can I play PS Vita roms on 3.60 Vita with HENKAKu? There are many games without demo version and there is no "cool-off" period like in Google Play store. Right now there are many games I want to buy in sale, but at first I wanna them try.
4) Can I stream games from PC to Vita on 3.63 somehow? (Like restoring backup with installed streaming app).

Thank you so much for your answers :)
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Re: Clear PS Vita 3.60 - what now?

Post by hackinformer » Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:50 am

You just need to get a PS3 to solve all your problems. Also your 3.63 restore will not work on lower FW it has to go low to high. But backup your games should be fine. But really you just need to get a PS3 there no way around it unless you update which you don't want to do that as that is why you probably got another vita. So I start look for a PS3 at Pawn Shops and the PS3 makes for a great vita storage unit.

For vita game and henkaku just start google vpk files. You can find all the emulators you want on the vita here. Also make sure you turn off safe mode in the settings of HENkaku, by pressing start or vpk file will not install.
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