Run Linux in your PS4's Browser

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Run Linux in your PS4's Browser

Post by jerry007 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:14 pm

Here's a way that you can run Linux on your PS4.


5mins of your time-

Mouse and keyboard would be recommeded-

1.Open up your browser on your PS4

2.go to

3.This Linux Distro was built in javascript and was made to run right inside your browser and Since the PS4 Browser suppourts Javascript it will work.

There you go Linux on the PS4, i know its only through the web browser which is kinda lame :/ But its a start and something we can all tinker around with

I tested this on my Mac and it works fine I'm beyond positive it will work on the PS4 as well since it only requires javascript which the PS4 browser Suppourts, feel free to test this out and confirm



source: ... er.365143/
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