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Sony accidentally disclosed the number of players for [possibly] every PS4 game

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:07 am
by Shaunbhai
Hello everyone,,
As you probably know, Sony recently launched "My PS4 Life", allowing players to share their gaming experience.

But what is also important, in every video they disclose the exact number of players who received some trophy. Combined with the % of people who obtained the trophy (this data is available for every game on the PlayStation website), we can estimate the total number of players in this game.

Here, 33,764 players earned the "Photo Bomber" trophy in Fallout 76. And on it's revealed that 8,3% of all players got this trophy. Simple math: the total number of people who have played Fallout 76 on PS4 = 33,764 * 100% / 8,3% = 406,795.

The same trick can be done with every PlayStation 4 game - you just need a video where it's someone's rarest trophy. But better not too rare - 0.1% share doesn't provide a good estimate.

Long story short - here's about sixty PS4 games with an estimated number of players -

(There's also a link to every video so that all calculations can be double-checked). I will add more games soon, any wishes?

UPDATE: All right, let's try and make it another way. Here is a zip file containing ~3700 screenshots with trophy numbers. If you want some game - please find it there and post its file name. Better the one with more players number. And, of course, you can calculate the total number of players yourself - just don't forget that for some games it's only within some region.