Swap DRC for TV-Only Wii U Games​

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Swap DRC for TV-Only Wii U Games​

Post by riddle43 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:52 pm

Swap DRC for TV-Only Wii U Games​ From GBAtemp users OatmealDome & Yahya14!!!

This guide is from a post on GBAtemp https://gbatemp.net/threads/swap-drc-fo ... es.478026/
Introducing Swap DRC, a homebrew application that allows you to play TV-only Wii U games on your GamePad screen.

Swap DRC works by switching the display buffers for the TV and the GamePad with a press of a button. This app also includes the TCPGecko and Cafiine installers for other mods or hacks. The GamePad sensor bar can also be turned on when the TV image is on the GamePad screen, so playing with Wiimotes with just the GamePad is possible.

Note that this mod has no audio swapping support, so you should use headphones to listen to the game audio if the software requires it. (Bug Maschell to contribute to our GitHub repo!)


To swap the TV and GamePad screens, press and hold the L shoulder button, then press MINUS. Pressing the button combination again will revert the displays back to normal.

If you're playing with Splatoon's enhanced swapping controls:
Press B to switch screens except in-game menus.
Hold A + D-Pad in any direction to super jump to a teammate or the spawn point during a match.

An SD card
The Homebrew Launcher (Haxchi or Loadiine.ovh method)
A Wii U (on firmware version 5.1.1; 5.5.2 and lower versions aren't tested but may work)
(Optional) A cafiine server (examples: the original by Chadderz and MrRean, MusicRandomizer, Ray's custom server, and more)
(Optional) Your Wii U's IP for TCPGecko or your computer's local IP for Cafiine (Windows, macOS)
For Splatoon's enhanced controls: ver 2.10.0 - 2.12.0

Download the Homebrew Launcher from here (download v1.3 if v2.1 crashes for you), and the Swap DRC application from above.
Unzip both apps and then drag them into your SD Card. Make sure both directories are at:
Safely remove the SD card and insert it into your Wii U, then launch the Homebrew Launcher from loadiine.ovh in your Wii U browser. If you have the haxchi homebrew launcher, that works too.
Press A to install Swap DRC with TCPGecko, or press B to install Swap DRC with TCPGecko + Cafiine (a cafiine server on your computer is required)
You're done! You can now switch displays anywhere (but not in the settings menu, as it re-launches the entire System Menu).

What's TCPGecko and Cafiine?

TCPGecko is a mod that allows you to use a TCPGecko editor to modify the ram through a TCP connection. A
perfect example for this is the program Splathax, which lets you modify gear in your Splatoon inventory.

Cafiine is another mod that lets you replace game files with modified ones for the game to load. A perfect
example for this is the popular use of model and skin edits for Smash Bros for Wii U. Unlike the "Install
TCPGecko only" option, Cafiine requires you to have a server running on your computer at all times. Don't
use this if you don't want to use game file mods and have the computer running all the time.

Can I get you banned playing online with Swap DRC in any game?

Swapping displays doesn't modify the games directly but through CafeOS instead. Therefore, it is 100% safe.
However, you can still get banned with TCPGecko and/or Caffine mods if you don't use them properly.

Where is the source code?

Over here, on our GitHub repository!

r u a l33t hax0r?

YeS I Am.
(...I'm joking this question isn't real)


Special thanks:
Maschell for HID to VPAD
Dimok for function_hooks and the pygecko server
Brienj for the IP selector and initial UI
/u/MachMatic for the banner background
BKOOL999 for feedback & testing the Swap DRC app
I felt this needed to be shared here and please give thanks to the Creators: OatmealDome Yahya14 over at GBAtemp for this.

Source page https://gbatemp.net/threads/swap-drc-fo ... es.478026/
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